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Jul 31, 2008


I caught myself feeling guilty that I hadn't blogged in here for a while. I apparently caught some kind of bug this week. I ended up spending 2 full days pretty much chained to my bed. I don't know what I had, I only know that if I stayed in bed and didn't move, I felt fine. If I left my bed, I was hit with waves of nausea and dizzyness. The said nausea and dizzyness wouldn't go away until I was back in bed. If the dizzyness and nausea wouldn't dissipate after returning to bed, then I just had to go to sleep. When I woke up, I felt great....as long as I didn't move! If I tried to read or watch TV, the dizzyness would often return. Of course, my cure for that was simply going back to sleep. I think I probably ended up sleeping around 20 hours during the first 24 hours of being sick.

Tuesday I pretty much lost everything I tried to eat. I lost all motive to get out of bed, to get food as a result. The good thing was, that if I didn't eat, I didn't feel at all like I would need to vomit. I experienced no twisting, turning abdominal pains that I've experienced with other stomach flus. Wednesday, I managed to keep all food down, but still had some residual dizzyness and nausea. Today, I decided to try a return to life! Other than being tired and a tad dizzy once or twice, all was well during the entire day. We celebrated one of my nephew's birthday this evening at the Texas Roadhouse. I managed to enjoy both the food and the company!

I hope no one else out there experiences this weird "sickness". I keep wondering if it's really something contagious, or something weird my body does. This is the second time I've had the exact same sickness in the last 3 or 4 months. It might even be the 3rd. The last time I was a little sick, it didn't mimic this as perfectly, but it was close. So three times in the last four months seems a bit much. A bug, or something upset in my body chemistry? Only time will tell.

I guess the good thing is, that after every time that I've come down with this, it's the one sickness that I've not seen anyone in my household come down with. I don't like being sick at all, but I can be grateful that at least I don't feel miserable while in bed! By day two, I could read, watch TV, play games on my pager and keep myself pleasantly entertained. While it may not be a horrible illness, I'm crossing my fingers that I don't experience it again in the near future!

Gratitude Entry:
  1. I'm grateful to be feeling all better!
  2. I'm grateful that all it took to feel better when I sick, was just a nap.
  3. I'm grateful to be able to be around people today. I was missing the people in my life during the last couple of days.
  4. I'm grateful for family and enjoying time with them. We celebrated Mike's birthday tonight, and I did enjoy being with everyone.
  5. I'm grateful for good food! Texas Roadhouse has become my new favorite with some of the delicious food they have!


Ang said...

This same sickness seems to be going around in Idaho. My father in-law got it last week. He was also was in bed all day sick dizzy throwing up etc..... It has been 9 days and they finaly went to the doctor today. Hopefully this is the tail end.

I am so glad to hear you are feeling better!!! This really is a pretty crazy bug. I hope I do not get it. eeeek

Ann said...

I'm not glad to hear that anyone else has been sick, but I'm happy to know it's not something only "I" have had!

Ang said...

Yea, I believe it is going around quite a bit. Too bad, it is never fun being sick. I think also, that there has been some new weird sicknesses going around.