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Jul 22, 2008


Reader's of my blog have notice I try to do a "Gratitude Entry" every time I post. If you click on the "Gratitude" title above, it will take you to Oprah's website, where you can click on her interview with the author of a book called "Simple Abundance". This book is what turned Oprah onto gratitude logs, and gave me the idea to look for things to be grateful for. If you're deaf, you can click on the "cc" version (also on the same page as the regular version).

After watching Oprah's interview with the author of this book, I've decided to revise my "Gratitude Entry", as I wasn't getting the full picture. What the author recommends, it finding 5 things every day to be grateful for. She states that doing this, causes you to "attend" more to your life and appreciate it more. Not only that, but it makes you be more positive, especially on the days when you're struggling to find 5 things to be grateful for. I'm not saying it as well as she did, so you can watch the video or listen if you want by clicking on my title above. It's over 20 minutes long, but I found it very much worth my while. I can't promise that I'm going to post every day with my gratitude log, but I'm certainly going to the 5 things I'm grateful for on any day I post!

Gratitude Log:
  • Mackie practicing falling into my lap from the arm rests, followed by the cutest smiles and giggles!
  • Dalia helping me eat my dinner, which remind me of just how good my Jenny Craig food is!
  • Cami replying to my comments in her blog! Loved that!
  • Jaimee being willing to ask me for a favor to help her out tomorrow. I love helping.
  • Dalia and Mackie helping me to load the laundry into the machines today. The four little hands at work to help me are so precious.


cami said...

Love it!!!!! I need to start my gratitude log! I have SO much to be grateful for.

About Mama Mia...I didn't like it much. I didn't think any of the characters (except the bride) fit their role, and some of the singing...not so good. Just my opinion. ABBA however, TOTALLY ROCKS!!!! It was fun to watch and get "out" of the house with some friends though!

Ann said...

Sorry Mama Mia wasn't as good for you as for me! However, getting out of the house with friends...that part totally rocks! :)

Ang said...

What a great way to be grounded. There is so much to be thankful for.

By the by, did not know people go back and read comments again. Who knew? I actually do this, but I am bored allot. I figured I was the only one.

Ann said...

Ang, you're not the only one that does this. I find myself checking in on comments again, to see if there's anything more!

Ang said...

Good to know!:) thanks