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Jul 11, 2008

Friday and Jenny Craig!

Yep, it's Friday, and it's Jenny Craig time as usual. I've been pretty quiet about Jenny Craig for the past month or more, as it's been more of a struggle for a few weeks prior to my vacation to keep myself on program. I was just barely getting back on track, when I went on vacation at the end of June! Of course that put me off program once again. At the time I left for vacation, I was still a pound or more from my lowest.

I returned from vacation on the 3rd. The next day was the 4th, which should've been my "date with the scale" day. Due to the 4th of July holiday, I had to wait until Monday to weigh in. I was panicking a little before I went. The longer I was on vacation, the more relaxed I became about food, and the more I ate. I was so worried that I had gained 5 or 10 lbs. However, good news! I only gained about 2 and 1/2 lbs! Not bad for such a long vacation, and basically my first time of being off program for this long!

Even though I was just in on Monday, I went in again today. I need to keep Friday's as my Jenny Craig day. I get paid every other Friday, which is why I choose to make Fridays my Jenny Craig days! I pay for two weeks worth of food on payday, not one week, as most people do. I started doing this because once a couple of years ago, I ran into financial problems. I couldn't afford the food on the Friday that was NOT payday. I'd not only run out of money but the bank cancelled my check card. That was AWFUL. So I learned I had to make it my FIRST financial priority and each payday, I pay for my food for the next two weeks. I pay my bills AFTER I pay for two weeks worth of food. After all, it was my health that was in question. I knew I had my priorities straight. My creditors would more likely get paid back in full by me, if I managed to stay alive long enough to do it. With the way my health was falling apart before, I think chances were high I'd never be alive long enought to pay them. Don't you think?

Anyhow long explanation, just to explain why I went two Jenny Craig twice in one week. Today I figured, that though I'd been good, there wouldn't be much loss, as it had only been four days. I don't know how I did it guys, but I lost 4.3. I lost the vacation weight, the weight I'd gained before vacation, and some NEW weight! Whoo hoo!!! So now I've lost 207.5 lbs. I'm 22.5 lbs from my goal! Ya Hoo!!


Ang said...

What an incredible accomplishment!!
!!!!!! That is great that you are so close to your goal. It is amazing that you stuck to it. It is all too easy to give up at times. Good for you!!

cami said...

Yeah,you are right....your creditor will lose out pretty quickly if you didn't have food!!

Congrats on the loss...YOU ROCK!!!!!

Ann said...

That's one way to look at it Cami. I do need food to stay alive! I was thinking more in terms of the more expensive food being important, because the weight loss improved my health, and thereby made me less likely to have an early death (and my creditors lose out!). Just thought I'd clarify, in case my thought process was muddy! :)