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Jul 12, 2008


My best friend came into town from St. George with her daughters, for a bridal shower her local relatives were throwing for one of her daughters. They came and picked me up after they arrived in town, allowing me to spend a blissful day hanging out with her and her daughters.

We stopped at K-Mart for her to pick out a shower gift for her daughter (didn't want to shop at home and have to bring it on the plane). On our way out of the store, we stopped at the little photo booth, you know, the one where you get four pictures on a strip? I haven't ever done that. First her daughters had fun posing in there, then we did.

I think the pictures you see here at the side show just how much fun we were having! At one point, I thought we had broke the photo booth!

We spent the day laughing over one thing or another. Her daughters brought the balloons in the car with us, that had been used as markers to help people find the home where the party was. They would inhale the helium from a hole they would make in the balloon, then break into song. I'll never forget their renditions of "Mr Lonely", "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree" in their helium voices!

I turned today into a giant cheat day, as far as my food program goes. It was a day to just let loose and laugh, not to worry about every little morsel. We enjoyed Icees, Crown Burger dinner and etc. though I did refrain from going for a chocolate dipped cone. I was having so much fun, I wanted to hop on the plane with them and return to St. George! Alas, I'm not family, and can't fly for free as they can since Connie works for the airline.

I realized that one thing I need to add into my life is visits to St. George to hang out with another family of my heart! What a day full of joy. Life is meant to have joy, and I was thrilled to experience that today!

Gratitude Entry: I'm grateful that I have some of the most awesome friends in my life. Some are far away, or so busy I can't enjoy them and their families as much as I'd like, however, they are there in my life. My friends are family and my family is made up of friends. You can't beat that!


Ang said...

It is such a joy to have good friends in our lives that we can share our laughter with.

Ang said...

Oh yea and I forgot to mention the awesome photo strip. My favorite is the last picture!!

cami said...

How fun, I havn't done a photo strip in a long time!!!! Glad you had such a fun weekend!!!