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Jul 17, 2008

Blogger's Duel

Step right up everyone, the show begins. Over here in the corner is Cami, mother, chef, entrepreneur, and niece extraordinaire! In the opposing corner you find Ann, aunt, teacher and life renovation expert! Are these two ladies facing off in competition? No!!! We're here to enjoy how the other person blogs about the same pictures and and the incredibly awesome time we got to spend together connecting after years of not seeing each other! Ok readers, relax, I've finished trying to be clever! :)

The world of blogging has been heaven sent for me. The thing I enjoy most is the connections that are strengthened, and the abilities to share lives with friends and family whether near or far away. In the months of reading Cami's blog, I ached to get to know her kids. Her sister Ang, who lives even further away, brings the same ache as I read her blogs as well. My desire for time with my far flung family is strong.

One of the best ways I thought of to just hang out and have a good time while in Idaho, was a pool party at the hotel. When I finally got to see the great nieces and nephew I had in Idaho, I treasured every single moment and second with each of them. I did go to Cami's house, before even checking into the hotel. I was thrilled to see how warm and welcoming and OUTGOING every single great niece and nephew was! I felt so welcome from the moment I stepped foot in the door. After dinner (delicious Papa Murphy's pizza), the party moved to the hotel and the pool. I was so intent on the fun, I never even saw the sign below!!! I heard about it from Cami as we enjoyed chatting it up in the pool while she was holding sweet little baby Leigh! Trust a mom to notice these things! Cami, ever so practical had a good solution, "Fine, we will take her diaper off!" Works for me! :)

The four older kids played to their heart's content with their dad, and eventually with their mother while I held the 5th little one, who was nowhere near enjoying the water that was really a little too cold for her. Leigh was so precious and seemed content to let me hold her and gently sway her body back and forth in the water. While I treasured the precious little girl in my arms, I enjoyed watching the interactions and fun all of the kids had with their parents in the water. It reminds me of all the family swimming events when I was a kid, and of how much I enjoyed and remembered them. I hope that evening was one of those where the kids were building some priceless memories.

After the swimming ended, we all moved to the jacuzzi relaxing in the warmth and the swirling jets. Ahhhhhh, bliss. I was as relaxed as a day at the spa, but with much better companionship! :)

When it was time to go home and get kids to bed, the family moved to our hotel room to get everything together. While there, Sallie and I got together and posed for a picture with all the kids. I wished my arms and lap was big enough to wrap every single child into my embrace as we posed for the picture! Kudos to Cami, also photographer extraordinaire, for managing to get all of us in the picture, even though we are all in a small space sitting on a bed. For the reader's who haven't met my Idaho family, in my arms you see sweet McKay, who managed to snuggle in close for the picture. At the other end of the bed, you see Taylor next to his sister Kymball, who is holding Leigh. in the background you see my sister Sallie, who drove with me from Utah, holding precious Hunter. The only thing missing from this picture, Cami and Joshua, parent's extraordinaire!

All of you look at my face. Is my smile big enough? I don 't think so. The room wasn't big enough to encompass the joy I felt throughout all of my moments with family that day. I got to spend joyful conversation with my brother, get to know my nephew Kory's kids, and then party and spend time with Cami and family. The way I felt right then, I'd rather be in a million pictures like the one below with precious family members, than laying on the beach in Hawaii (and my dream is to some day go to Hawaii). I think that tells you everything about what this trip meant to me

Gratitude Entry: I'm so grateful for the love, joy and openness of little children. I don't know if I just never knew how much I loved children until recent years, or if the personal growth I've made has opened up a capacity to love more. All I know, If I treasure the little ones in my life, whether actual family, or children of my heart. My heart sometimes feels like it's going to burst with joy when I'm spending time with a little one.


cami said...

YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had a way with words like you do. Oh well, even if i did...would I have time to type it all...seing how every time i sit to blog, I have a baby perched on my lap. Short sweet and to the point!

Ang said...

I loved reading both your blogs!!!
You both have great stories. If you read the comment I left on Cami's blog, it reads.....
Here I sit green woth envy!!!!!!!!!
So true!! I miss you all. By the way, you really do have a way with words. I hope someday to write as well as you do.