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Jul 16, 2008

I'm in love.....with life!

On Tuesday I took brief but wonderful trip to Pocatello to see my family there. I plan to another do another entry about my trip and the wonderful family moments of pure joy I was fortunate to experirence on my trip, but I'm waiting for some photos (hint, hint Cami!) Actually to be fair, we're both waiting for the photos from the PDA that was has supposedly already sent them to our email, but the email failed to arrive.in our inboxes It's not like there are a lot of photos....it was one or two. However, Cami and I are looking forward to trying something fun. Both of us planning to use the same photo in a blog entry, and then looking at what we come up with! Doesn't that just sound like a hoot!!!!! I'm so excited about the wonderful trip and connections I just experienced, that I'm having a hard time containing my excitement to write until we can get Josh's PDA to find an email with those photos, into our inboxes.

Last night as I was laying for hours, struggling to fall asleep in my motel room, I kept thinking about my wonderful day. I found a problem! I can't find enough adjectives (superlatives?) to describe how awesome everything is. I found myself repeating too many times in conversation/thought and email the same words over and over: awesome, wonderful, amazing. I need a larger vocabulary. I want some more descriptive words beyond those words. I remember hearing many times before, that the Eskimos have many, many words for snow (I can't remember how many words, but for some reason I keep thinking it's a hundred or more, but my faulty memory might be overestimating it!). Anyhow, I lay for hours in bed thinking we need more words for the joy I feel, for the incredible people in my life and in my family. I am feeling like I'm already in heaven these days. Heaven certainly can't be any better than the life I'm living. I get a high from the people in my life and from the moments, and more moments, and MORE moments to treasure and to enjoy as I live them, then remember them and relive them again and again in my memory. I couldn't ask for more.

Anyhow, in thinking about my need for more of these words to describe my emotions and feelings, famiy, friends and everything else of joy in my life I've come up with: Amazing, Awesome, Wonderful, Incredible, Blissful, Nirvana, Inspiring, Joyful, Blessed..... I'm stuck now! I had to spend some time thinking before I could come up with some of them, just now. They're just not enough!

Anyone that reads this and has positive words to add, please do! I think I'm going to have to study some thesaurus' websites or something! I want to be able to be a wordsmith, able to come up with and select incredible words, that perfectly encapsulate the meaning I'm desperate to share of all the positivity I'm living.

Gratitude Entry: I'm so grateful today for the richness and pure joy that my loved ones bring into my life. I think of all the years I wasted, feeling lonely, alone and isolated. I never realized, or appreciated, or even saw what was there. The love that I feel, the joy I'm experiencing through my very core, is such a stark contrast to what I felt just a few short years ago. What changed? Me! Now I can see it, live it and feel the moments of heaven in my life. I'm also grateful to be on this internal journey to renovate my life. Thank you to all the wonderful people in my life, family, friends, children of my heart and etc. just for enrichening (ah! another good word) my life.


cami said...

I wish I had a few more words too!!! We so enjoyed your visit as well, can't wait to see you again!!

Ang said...

I too can not come up with anymore words, but love hearing all your wonderful words. I love to hear all the joy in your life. I love when people are happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love being around happy people.