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Jun 30, 2009

Interesting Insight

I realized something so interesting today, that I wanted to share my latest insight. I'll start off by giving you some background.

When I weighed in at 387, and was on oxygen 24/7, I was pretty incapacitated in many ways. I had to move to another apartment, due to plans of my then landlord, to renovate the place. I wasn't really able to pack or carry a single box in the move. I had a hard time walking 10 feet, even with oxygen. It was tough to lug around that little oxygen tank, or so I thought. I had friends and family pretty much pack up my whole apartment and move it, while I sat and watched.

With the loss of the 227 1/2 lbs so far, obviously many things in my life have really changed. Recently, a family member underwent surgery. Due to it's effects on her, I've stepped in to carry the heavy loads, she can't or shouldn't. In the past, I remember feeling so sorry for people carrying the heavy loads for me. Here I am, a few years later, and I am carrying the heavier loads when needed and helping out.

What's interesting to me though, is that no matter what I was carrying both today, and in the past since I've become more able, NONE of it has been hard to carry. It always seems so easy and I often feel energetic and ready to do more after each task I've completed. I finally realized something today. NOTHING is as hard to lift or carry around as the 227 extra lbs I used to take everywhere I went. It was harder for me to walk across the room, than it is for me now to carry many heavy loads around. I can unload the car of all the big items my family member bought at Costco, with many trips from my car parked on the street into the house, then turn around and bring in her sleeping children from the car one at a time; and still have plenty of energy to do more.

No wonder I could barely move from anywhere I was ever sitting in the past. I wasn't in any kind of shape to carry 227 extra pounds anywhere, yet I spent every moment of my life doing so. How sweet it is to be able to do just about EVERYTHING I need to do, or want to do and to find it all so EASY to do. No wonder I find myself sometimes at late at night, as I head to bed, dancing and prancing around as I get ready for bed! :) I've got so much energy to spare, now that I have a drastically smaller body to move. Sweet!

Jun 28, 2009

Maybe this year!

I've once again been contacted by PR at Jenny Craig. They are definitely going to try and see if they can get my story submitted to People magazine for their next "Half my Size" issue. Last year, we were too close to the deadline to really get it in. This year we are starting early. Cross your fingers for me everyone!

By the way, if anyone out there is inspired by my story, please share with me anything you'd like about how I may have inspired you. Jenny Craig PR has asked me to include that information for them when I submit more pictures and details of my story. So, I'd love to hear from anyone that hasn't something for me to include. They will really have to "sell" my story so that it will stand out from the rest. Anything you guys know that will help sell my story would be appreciated.

By the way, I'm currently about 2 1/2 lbs from goal. I'm really encouraged by that. I really struggled in the weeks following my brother's passing. Grief was causing me to resort to emotional eating, and did cause a little weight gain. Thankfully, I finally reached a point I was able get back on program, and lose the weight I gained. So after 227 1/2 lbs lost, I'm almost to my 230 lb loss goal! I've been working towards this since December 2005.

Perseverance really is the key. There have been many bumps in the roads, in the last year, there have been more ups and downs; as the end got nearer. I am amazed at the fact that I'm going to achieve something I thought impossible just 4 years ago; and that I hadn't even dreamed of trying to do. Four years ago, I had given up any dreams of a better life. Perseverance and a dream, among other things got me here. Incredible!

Jun 16, 2009

My Beloved Brother

Last week I lost my brother. I'm truly grateful that I had the opportunity to have such a wonderful brother in my life. I have so many wonderful memories to sustain me at this time.

During a sleepless night, just prior to the funeral, I found comfort going to my computer, looking at pictures and videos from a visit I had with him last summer. My favorite pictures are he and I standing together, arm in arm. If you can't tell by the expression of on my face, I do adore him.

I love the picture below, as he was often laughing and joking. Seeing this picture makes me smile, and reminds me of his awesome sense of humor.

Sad as this time is for me, I'm grateful for the honor I had to be by his bedside during those last few days of his life. Emotionally they were tough, but I am so grateful for all the moments I could comfort him, hold his face in my hands and tell him that I loved him. He told me he loved me, surprised me with a sweet stroke of my face, in another moment, unexpectedly, and weakly lifted up his arms to hug me more than once. I will treasure these moments forever. I'm grateful for those last few days with him, hard as they were.

Bob, I love you. I'm so grateful I had such an extraordinary brother in my life. While I suffer from grief for myself right now, I know you are in a better place, happy and whole. Thank you for everything you did for me in life.
P. S. In the next day or two, I'll add a video I love, from that time; provided I can figure out how to edit it. So if anyone is still reading my blog (and counters seem to indicate no one is anymore check back here then.
Later note: I guess I won't be adding a video as it's been sooooo long since I learned how to do it in a class, that I've totally forgotten how! Maybe when I get time. Meanwhile, any family members that read this. If you want to see the videos I have of Bob, contact me and I'll send them to you.