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Jul 21, 2008


Despite being deaf, there's one thing I love, and that is a good musical! Sounds pretty unbelievable, a deaf person who loves musicals? No, not possible! Yep! Possible! Me! I guess you can all understand why I found it worth my while to have not one cochlear implant but two! I've always loved music, and I've always loved musicals. I'm not above singing, "Food, Glorious Food" (from Oliver) when I'm getting ready to eat something wonderful. Or even, during a beautiful morning drive up the mountain, "Who could buy this beautiful morning", also from Oliver. There are many other show tunes from other muscials I love and am apt to belt out in the privacy of my own car (so as not to inflict pain on the listeners).

Last Friday, I was invited to go see "Mama Mia" for a special girls night with my sister, my niece, my great niece (the little cutie), and my sister's friend. I'd not heard about the movie or known anything about it prior to the invitation to go to the movies. This movie turned out to be AWESOME! It was quite a treat. Tonight, at my great nephews birthday party, we were all talking about the movie and how great it was. My nephew, who's a movie buff, was quite surprised to find that he loved it and even bought the soundtrack. Guess who will probably do that now?

For those of you that don't know anything about it (like my deaf friends), there was a music group called ABBA, back in the 60's or 70's I think. Apparently 20 or so years later, a Broadway musical was created around the existing songs from ABBA. Mama Mia is that musical. Apparently it's a very successful Broadway show, from the research I saw on the Internet.

This show I saw was the movie adaptation of that musical. I had a great time, even without captions! Obviously, I don't know the music, never heard any of the songs before, but still enjoyed myself thoroughly. Bilateral cochlear implants certainly allowed me to get the most out of the movie. I was surprised at how much of the songs I actually understood. I was also thrilled that for the most part, I was able to follow a lot of the movie. There were still a few things that I had to ask questions about later, because I didn't quite understand. However, it was very little and not enough to prevent me from having a rollicking good time!

Gratitude Entry: Today I'm grateful for the technology that touches my life. Other gratitude entries have said the same thing, but I was talking about different technology, like the Internet, pagers, cell phones. However, today, I'm grateful for cochlear implants. I love the things that I'm able to hear with mine, whether it's beautiful music, or the sweet voice of a child. The things I hear today, I once would never have imagined hearing. I'm also grateful to Cochlear Corporation for making a great reliable product and for always continuing to improve their technology through continual research to make the processor I wear better, and better. Each upgraded processor adds tons to my life. Sound is never something I take for granted! With the little children in my life, I call them my "special ears". I'm so grateful from my "special ears" and the beauty of sound I get to revel in.


cami said...

I LLLOOOVVVVVVVEEE ABBA! I was supposed to go saturday night with my friends, but it didn't work out. I am hoping to hit it again this weekend.

Caitlin said...

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