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Jun 6, 2008

Trip update

Things are moving along for my trip. However, the trip has changed from being a road trip to and from Milwaukee, to being a road trip in Wisconsin and Illinois (and neighboring states). Paula had less time than she had hoped, due to events at work for the traveling. At first we looked at flying one way to the convention, with a road trip from there to Seattle to drop her off, down through Oregon, for some sights and hopefully a stop in Salem to see my niece there, then to Salt Lake.

However, it turns out that if you rent a car one way and drive a great distance, you're charged a huge fee for them to get it back (they have a word for this fee but I can't remember it). This huge fee made the road trip impossible. So, we booked a round trip ticket to and from Chicago. We will visit Chicago, drive to Milwaukee for the conference, and then begin the road trip. Paula really wants to see Nauvoo Illinois, so we will drive there for that. The other events and places we will go haven't been decided. We will plan those after we get together.

It turns out that Paula feels like I do, that Dick (her husband), whom I mentioned in the last entry, taught her to live by the way he died. Like me, she feels this is a trip that we are meant to take and to grab ahold of what life has to offer. We figure that Dick will probably be there in spirit with us, enjoying the trip! We will be flying out on June 25th and returning to our respective cities (she to Seattle, me to Salt Lake) on July 3rd.

Who knows, maybe this will be the first of many trips we take in the future, as we learn to enjoy and love life!

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