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Jun 28, 2008

Checking in....

Hi Everyone!

It's been a busy and fun trip so far. On Thursday morning, we made the drive from Chicago to Milwaukee. The funny thing was, we decided to create our own route, a scenic one driving alongside Lake Michigan as much as we could, from Chicago to Milwaukee. This meant no mapquest, and hit or miss decisions as we went along. We got ourselves lost a few times, and laughed ourselves silly over the predicaments we put ourselves into. One of the first times we stopped and asked questions, we were laughing so hard, we couldn't hardly get out of the car to go ask our questions. Mostly, we had no idea what questions to ask. I can't tell you how many times we were laughing so hard we couldn't talk! We saw lots of different and interesting parts of this area, that we never would have seen if we hadn't decided to do it this way! We had no regrets, and met delightful people to re-direct us.

When we finally found our hotel room in Milwaukee, we were a little "adventured out" for the day. We were thrilled to find we were right next to Texas Roadhouse! One of the best places to go out to eat! We have a little kitchenette and have enjoyed how much easier it makes the travel. I brought Jenny Craig breakfast cereals and some snacks, and we bought a few other things to keep here. It's he way to go when you travel.

I ran into quite a few colleagues from Utah on Friday, after the convention started. We went out and had a great dinner together at a local german restaurant. We had a It was a fun dinner, despite part of our walk to the restaurant being in a sudden downpour without an umbrella!

One of the things I've loved at this convention, is how easy it is to meet people and make instant friends. I've loved getting to know people, then lots of waves and exchanges the next time you see them. One new friend I met today, via a new friend I met yesterday, was going down the escalator while I was going up. He introduced me to another new friend as we pass each other and reach out and shake hands as we go pass!! How funny is that! In a session this morning, I met a mom of a deaf girl, then later her husband, and then still later in the day her kids. One of the things she told me is that she feels like there's such a connection among people here. It's like everyone is instant family, when you meet, because of the things we have in common. So true!

I found out from Paula that I'm a real flirt! I didn't know that. I guess the way I tease and compliment some of the people, she sees them really responding to me she defines it as "flirting". That's an interesting perspective. The first day, when I was registering and checking in, I was getting various ribbons to add to my badge for the various groups I belong to. The person checking me in was telling me, there's no ribbon for "funny" here. Guess I was cracking that person up with my comments as I checked in and went throught the registering process!

I've also learned that through this renovation journey I've been on, I've shed the negative layers and inhibitions that restrained me for so long and just kept me from just being "me". I guess there's a self-confidence to me now where I am so comfortable in my own skin, and love just being me, that I feel no need to hide from the world. I'll share an experience today to explain this a little.

I was visiting the Exhibit Hall at our convention. I was in the Cochlear booth when I started to hear music. It was like someone was hitting little drums or tambourines were being played. I started dancing to the music some, looking for the source of the music. I then saw a parade of the little deaf kids playing their little instruments as they marched through the exhibit area to a little theater they were headed to. I continued to dance to their music, smiling and waving at them, and just cheering them on. It didn't matter to me what anyone else thought of my behavior, or that I was the only one dancing. All that mattered was that I enjoyed the moment and cheered on those little kids and tried to make them feel like they were making great music! I was living in the moment and enjoying it. I was being me and not caring a whit about what anyone else thought of me! What an awesome thing to realize I've reached a point in my growth process that I can seize the moment, experience the joy and have no inhibitions or shyness holding me back! Ain't life grand?

Gratitude entry: Folks, I'm just going to be simple here today! I'm just grateful to be alive and living with joy!


Ang said...

I love to laugh silly! It has been awhile. Your road trip sounds like a blast. I laughed as I read your comical situations. I can totally see you as a flirt. How fun to throw caution to the wind and be yourself. Confidence is awesome. HAVE FUN on the rest of your trip. Keep us posted. I love to live through you on your journey. Tell Paula I said HI.

cami said...

I love laughing....especially with my sister!!!!! How fun. You guys be safe and enjoy the rest of your trip.

lamiss ibrahim said...