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Jun 22, 2008

Changes ahead

I was just checking blogs tonight and saw another blogging friend (yep, you Jackson family!) had changed their blogging background to a real cute and unique one. They had a link on their site that took me to the website they were able to get their background from. I was checking it out and found some really cute stuff. I think when I get back from vacation I'll be making some even bigger changes on my blog! Something to look forward to in July! Now I'll start planning for some more changes.

On another front. a couple of weeks ago, I talked to the manager of our Jenny Craig center and told her about my "dreams" for the future and ask if she could help me get my foot in the door. You may remember from many blogs ago, when I said I wanted to be a national Jenny Craig spokesperson, and intended to convince them they needed to create a position just for me. I asked my center manager if there was a way to help me be in contact with "national", so I can start my lobbying. She told me Friday that someone who is a couple of levels above her is coming through town in the middle of July. She's going to arrange an appointment for me to meet with this manager! So my campaign will begin! Come on every one, chant with me; "I do believe"! Let's find out if positive attitude really can create the future the exciting new world I'm looking forward to! :-)

Gratitude Entry: I am grateful for all the new technology that has entered into my life in the last 30 years. Things from captions on my TV programs, my pager that allows me constant wireless contact with the world, my cochlear implants that allow me to HEAR, the internet that allows me to be in contact in such a wonderful way, such as through this blog with friends and family near and far, DVR that allows me to find enjoyable things to watch on TV when I have some time to watch, digital cameras that allow friends and family to post their pictures on the internet and share them with me, a microwave that cooks my dinner in under 10 minutes to name a few. All these things I am mentioning, I grew up without. It's amazing how much the world has change and how much that change has added to my life. I'm grateful!


Ang said...

You go girl!!! I know you can do this. With all that you put your mind to, you can do anything.

lamiss ibrahim said...
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