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Jun 11, 2008


I watched an Oprah show this week that I missed the first time it aired, in October 2007. It's about "Confronting Death". You can find information about it at: http://www.oprah.com/health/oz/oz_20071022_350_101.jhtml

This is one of the most powerful shows I've seen. The courage and joy of the people who are dying and determined to "live" and find joy is inspiring. Dick, if he could have been on Oprah for this show, would have been just as inspiring. One of the people that was on the show, was a professor suffering from pancreatic cancer. He gave his last lecture. It appears you can access this lecture at: http://www.viddler.com/explore/GabrielRobins/videos/1/ I found a captioned version here: http://www.taudiobook.com/closed_caption/randy_pausch_full/ Hope everyone gets a chance to watch the full lecture. It's inspiring.

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cami said...

I saw that one, back when it origionally aired. It was pretty good. Dick diffinately would have been just as inspiring!