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Jun 2, 2008

Got to get it back

My dilemma seems to be these days, how do you get your "positive attitude" back, when it seems to have gone temporarily AWOL. As a teacher, I work a certain number of days a year and am paid for those days. Ever since I realized my paid days ended on May 23rd, but I had to keep working to get my end of year reports done, my positive attitude has taken a hike.

To make matters worse, my department leader has been responsible for me losing at least 3 days or so, or productive time. I've become rather angry with her. The more days of productivity I lose, and the more time she cost me, the angrier I'm getting. Finishing my year seems to be further into the distant future. I need to get past the anger and work my way back up the positive thought wave. How do I get that positivity back?

To make it harder to be positive, my weight has also back tracked too. My committment hasn't been what it needed to be, and I gained weight last week. This week, I figured I'd get it off, but so far, no good. I had a retirement party for 3 close friends this evening, followed by a birthday party for my great niece. Between both events, I'm more worried about not gaining this week, than about losing the weight gained last week. It's a struggle right now.

I'm a neophyte at keeping my attitude positive and not letting things get me down. I need to get past the unpaid days that I'm working, get my work done, and realize that as far as food goes, I'm back on the wagon tomorrow. There's still a chance. I can't quit, I can't give up. I'll find a way to get there again. Maybe it's time for my gratitude entry; maybe that will help.

Gratitude Entry: Today I'm grateful for my growing family. I remember growing up, thinking my family was complete. Now I look at the people that have married into, or been born into the family since then, and I realize it was far from complete. From my in-laws to my nieces and nephews, in-laws, I've found more people to love and learn from in my life. Today, I am grateful for my growing family, I love them all.


Joshua said...

You are at a bump in the road. That is part of life, think back of the high roads you have taken by changing your lifestyle COMPLETELY and changing your attitude to being a very positive attitude. We have many great things go on in our lives, but we have a few bumps along as well. So you are in it, just take a day at a time, don't get discouraged that things are not going well for you right now. Don't stress over your weight, you have done remarkably well!!! You will get right back on track and will be just fine. You are very close to being done with school, so do the best you can and hang in there. Keep your chin up high and keep that positive attitude going!!! You're the BEST!!!

cami said...

You are pretty amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Chip-up...good things are just around the corner. Sometime to make myself feel better, I will write a lengthy letter/email to the person I am holding anger against. Say EXACTALLY what you feel. Read it a few times and then send it off to the trash can. Sometimes just "venting" makes me feel better. Also repeating (or reprogramming your mind)posative feeling that replace your negative ones (repeat them 10 times) REALLY helps me. Good Luck

lamiss ibrahim said...
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