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May 2, 2008

Jenny Craig Check In

Some of you like to keep track of my regular Jenny Craig in, just to know how I'm doing on my weight loss effort. I lost 1.6 lbs this week. I had a good week following pretty closely to the program. It was one of the odd weeks, because 1) I didn't eat out, 2) I was sick for a large portions of it. I knew the not eating out would help with the loss. I was concerned the lack of activity from essentially being laid up for about 5 days, off/on would prevent much success.

I'm pretty happy with the 1.6 lb loss. A comment from a colleague at work made me wonder how much I really should expect to lose. She asked if I was still losing weight. My obvious answer "Yes". That brought on a question of how much more I plan to lose. I think I told her about 20 to 25 more lbs, though the real answer was more like 30 or so. She couldn't figure out where I was to lose it from.

I was talking to Jaimee about it this evening. She told me that essentially I'm pretty thin and that I would definitely be described that way if she described me to someone. She suggested that I had a body image that was a little off. I don't know. I see the tummy that's not close to flat, the hanging fat I still see in my underarms (yes, I know I'd have to have surgery to get rid of those), the lumps on my hips and outer thighs. Her reply that got me thinking, was "How much of your weight do you think is just saggy skin? I sure wish I knew the answer to that question. When I set my initial goal weight, which in my mind was a 238 lb loss (I always think of it as a 240 lbs loss though); I was using a weight that I got to for a short time in high school as a target weight.

During the last appointment with my family doctor, I asked her about an appropriate weight goal. Her target (using height and age scale) was about 10-15 lbs more than I planned to weigh. Why should we weigh more when we get older, rather than less? I'm curious about that. If I follow her suggestion, then it would seem I should plan to lose 223 to 228 lbs total. Now that IS a weird concept right now as I write, because it would really suggest 17 to 22 lbs left to lose. That CAN'T be right!?!?

So Jaimee's question from tonight really becomes pivotal. How much does all the loose sagging skin that once housed a body close to 400 lbs weigh? What if I have 22 lbs of sagging skin? Am I at a weight that should be goal? Hmmmmmm...............

For now, unless I hear another perspective that gives clarity, or get a satisfactory answer to my questions; I'll continue to try and shoot for reaching, either my original goal weight, or the doctor's suggested goal weight. If my body gets to a point where it just WON'T lose, then I would be willing to accept that as my body telling me I am at the right weight. As for now, I'm going to think of losing 32 more lbs.


Ang said...

This is a really good question!!
Maybe your doctor could give you an approximate. This information, I am sure would be good to know. I am excited to see you in person again.

cami said...

I bet a plastic surgeon would be the right one to ask? WOW, now I sit here wondering how it is that you have the will power to lose
200+ lbs, and I am struggling to lose 25??? Oh well, you inspire me, I will follow soon. Cami