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May 14, 2008

Celebrate the moments...

Nothing extraordinary about today, but part of my philosophy now, is to be positive, find positives, and prepare myself to handle any set backs positively. I read a comment stating that our attitude is our thought life turned inside out. To get the attitude I want, I need to support the thought life that will be get me there.

  • Today I'm celebrating...still being committed to exercising. I've worked out with weights every other day since meeting with my former personal trainer last week, and made sure to get some walks done on the days I don't go to the gym. The amazing thing is how much I'm doing. My old body couldn't handle the physical requirements I'm putting on it now, that aren't even FAZING me!
  • Today I'm celebrating...finding a new relative. I'm on the Relay Utah Consumers Council. I'm previous chair, and have become friends with the chair person before me. Today, she brought some names as she was determined that we need to find out how we're related. She's a Roper from Oak City, with Lovells in her family history. Turns out my grandfather and her great grandfather were brothers. We're probably related in more ways than one, as we both have Lymans, Finlinsons and etc. in our lines. So the way we figure it, we're at minimum; 2nd cousins once removed! Because we were both on the same committee we joked about nepotism, and the previous power dynasty keeping the chair position in our family for two terms! We even recently got an invitation to the same family reunion in the mail!
  • Today I'm celebrating...maybe finding a new form of exercise. One of the committee members told me she wants a biking buddy. Now neither of us have bikes....but we would both like to pursue this further. Possibilities...... It doesn't matter really, exactly what materializes, it's just that I'm keeping an open mind and willing to explore possibilities. Hey, it would always be great if it works out! I'm also thinking of buying a swim suit after pay day and starting to do laps again. It's been years since I've done that, but my body now seems able to do things it couldn't for a looooooooooong time!
  • Today I'm celebrating...being positive about the week in terms of food issues. Since last Friday, I've eaten out 5 times, for all the different events this week. I know that the chances are about 95% that I will have a weight gain this week. Instead of obsessing about that, I'm happy that I have a social life, have had the opportunities to connect with friends/family/committee friends/co-workers, in all my various meals out this week. I'll just tell Jenny Craig not to tell me what the scale said this week, and focus on all my various non-scale successes.
  • Today I'm celebrating...I've still been positive and happy today, despite feeling lousy, having some sickness that's settled in my lungs (always a concern with my bad lungs). Nothing is going to get me down today.
  • Today I'm celebrating...just being alive!


cami said...

Nice Thinking!!! To answer your question, Tavaci is a little singing group. They do a little dancing too.

Ang said...

I love how positive your thoughts are. That is awesome. I know I could use a little more positive self talk.