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Apr 29, 2008

Can anyone match this?

Of all the things we forget when we rush out the door in the morning, how many people forget their "ears"? I don't think anyone can match this!

Yep, I did that Monday morning. I'm 10 miles into my road trip to catch up with my first student in Kamas. I was musing about my morning, as it had been a very difficult one, I'd become dizzy, nauseated and totally out of energy. All of a sudden, in the middle of my musings, a thought popped in! I felt behind my ears and found, NOTHING! That's disastrous. For the uninitiated, I should have found my cochlear implant external devices. Since I wouldn't be able to hear my students, correct speech and pronounciation errors, not to mention understand a word they had to say, I realized I had to turn around and go back home!

I returned home to find I'd forgotten lots of little things that morning, like turning off the electrict blanket, turning off the bathroom lights and etc. I resumed my day and got on the road again, obviously too late to catch my first student. I managed to get my Park City and Coalville students in. Before the end of the day, feeling awful and needing naps between students, I finally realized I was sick! I guess "forgetting my ears" was a sign that my brain really wasn't working up to par, due to illness!

It's Tuesday night, and after sleeping pretty much all of yesterday evening, night and today, I think I'm better enough to work tomorrow.

At the same time this is all happening, Poor little Mackie, my great nephew also turns out to be sick, only he was VERY sick. Jaimee took him to the doctor yesterday and found out he had strep throat, ear infection AND a stomach flu, all at once. He looked like death warmed over. I was really worried about him and Jaimee. She's had two nights without much sleep. I couldn't do anything to help, but to stay away from the kids and the family, so as to make sure I didn't give them what I've had. The good news though is that Mackie is MUCH better. He's bounced back very well. Now if I could only work it so that Jaimee could get some much needed rest to recuperate from caring for a sick child and working her full time job with bad hours on top of that.

Here's to hoping I never again forget my ears!


Ang said...

Too Funny! I could not match this even if I tried.

cami said...

What are you doing now? I didn't know that you didn't work in the schools anymore?

Josh and I are getting over the muck. I was sick with a fever on Friday, and Josh is today...The kids have seemed to escape it though.

Glad you are feeling better