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May 21, 2008

Favorite Sounds

Tonight I had a dinner meeting with my fellow volunteers (Awareness Advocates) for Cochlear Americas. During Better Speech and Hearing Month, which we commonly call May, Cochlear had given us cards with quotes from some cochlear implantees regarding their favorite sounds that we could distribute. Norm, (Chance's dad, from the Chance to Hear blog) was asking us what our favorite sounds were. Really, when you think about it, that's a great question to ask deaf people who acquire the ability to hear via the implant. As we were all answering that, some of my many wonderful memories were triggered and came flooding in. So for my reading audience, I'm sharing my favorite sounds. Each one I share has a memory of my first realization of joy and astonishing amazement in realizing I could hear it. I've chosen share some of my favorite sounds, as well as to add comments of my thought processes, either when I first heard them or when they became a part of my life.

  • Rubbing your skin - That CAN'T possibly make a sound!
  • Sibilant sharp sound made by the letter "S" - What, the "s" isn't silent?
  • Clinking of the keys on your keychain - What's that noise that isn't getting louder or softer and appears to be traveling with me?
  • Popcorn popping in the microwave - You mean you don't have to put your hand on the microwave to "feel" when there are 2 or 3 seconds between pops?
  • Helicopter flying overhead while inside a building - Wow! I actually know WHAT is flying over!
  • Xylophone being played as part of band performance -Will wonders never cease, they're not drowned out by all the other instruments going on.
  • Smart remarks by someone with a quick wit, retorted in the midst of another speaker's comments - Hey, I'm laughing WITH everyone! No, confused looks of "What?" "Why is everyone laughing?"
  • Rotating sprinklers in a field a half mile away - NO WAY! How is it even possible to hear water squirting that far away?!
  • Chirping birds -I had no clue there were so many birds right outside my door.
  • Cell phone rings - No matter how loud the environmental noise, I can hear those things!
  • Sounds in other rooms - My goodness, there are sounds I can't see being made. Better put on my detective hat and track them down to figure out what they are.
  • Rain outside - I know I need my umbrella before I even open the door or the curtains. How cool is that?
  • "Ms. Lovell", spoken in the distance in a noisy room - My goodness, amidst all this noise I know one of my kids wants my attention!
  • Music- Hey I don't have to memorize every word in a song anymore.// Wow, I know what many of the words in this song I've never heard before are WITHOUT having to read them.
  • Radio - I can hear the breaking news coming in on the radio and understand what's being said without lipreading, or waiting to get home and see it on the news!
  • Audiobooks - I never could have imagined enjoying and having a library of audiobooks.

Hope you all enjoyed my "favorite sounds" memories. There's tons more where they came from, but common sense tells me I better stop somewhere and "hit the sack", if I hope to make it to work on time in the morning! Give yourselves a treat today and celebrate the "sounds" in your life


cami said...

I love that!!! Wow, we take alot for granted. My fav. was rubbing your skin!

Ang said...

My favorite was also rubbing your skin. What a cool experience to lean and grow in this new way. Quite amazing technology we have now a days. What a blessing. Thanks for sharing.