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May 23, 2008


In my life renovation project, I've endeavored to put a positive spin on things and to think positive at all times. I have learned that that we DO have control over WHAT we ALLOW ourselves to think and the power to change the directions our thought processes are going. I spent too many years feeling sorry for myself. I guess corresponding to that, I spent too many years with some levels of depressions. I ran across the following quote on Oprah's web site at this link: http://www.oprah.com/xm/mlosier/200805/mlosier_20080521.jhtml?promocode=907

  • "If you want to start attracting positive things into your life, there is one small thing you should do every day—show your gratitude, appreciation and love for the people and things around you. "On a daily basis, find something you are appreciative of or find something you are grateful for."

My life has become a joyous thing to me more and more, as my mastery level of positive thinking improves. When a negative thought starts, I can almost hear brakes screech, followed by a funny mental picture in my head of some comedy/musical trio of three fancily dressed up ladies (or maybe it's 3 men dressed as ladies?) shaking their fingers from side to side in tune with the music singing, "Stop in the name of love". I laugh uproariously to myself at this mental image, then proceed to figure out how to change my perception or thought process to a positive one. As I see the increasingly powerful changes internally and in my life, I find that I really do believe what the quote above says; we can attract positive things into our lives. I've decided to end each blog entry with a "Gratitude Entry", and then sit back and see what positive things this might bring into my life.

Todays Gratitude Entry: After the trauma of yesterday, my heart was full of joy this morning when I came upstairs and saw the sweet family I love, eating breakfast together. Most especially I felt joy to see the little kids alive and well. As I contemplated the joy of seeing their sweet faces this morning, I realized that all I really needed in my life in order to be happy was to be able to give love. I don't need to have riches, a companion in life, children of my own, or even just the money to go to the convention I want to go to next month. I have one need only: To be able to give love. When I do that, my heart is a full and joyful heart. Today I'm grateful for both this joy and this realization.


Ang said...

Its amazing to be able to find our joy in life. When I was young (7 or8th grade) I was talking to my one friend. I was saying that I had no friends and going on and on feeling sorry for myself. My friemd said to me "no one wants to be around someone who is always unhappy" That changed my life. I decided I was going to be happy. It was a cycle of feeling sad and then no one wanted to be around me because of it. Interesting! The happier I was, the more people wanted to be around me. I remember I had to work at this and learn to laugh at myself. I am glad my friend had enough gump to tell me the truth. I am were I am today, because 1. she told me the truth, and 2. because I decided to be happy. It is amazing, what you put out their, you get back.

Ann said...

You were fortunate to have a friend that even understood the truth enough to tell you. Some people never learn that!

cami said...

Wow ann you are pretty intuative. It is pretty amazing how fast gratitude can turn aroun an attitude!