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Oct 30, 2008


Did you realize that we are awesome, not because of what we do, but just because we exist. Think about it. What does a new baby do to make us love him/her? They sleep, they cry, they eat and fill diapers. They do nothing else during the first few weeks of life. They are not loved because of what they do, or because of their personality. They are not loved because they're witty, smart, adventuresome or anything. They are loved, just because they exist. We too are that valuable. I AM, and by virtue of that, I am incredible. YOU ARE, and by virtue of that, you are incredible. We don't need to judge others, compare ourselves to others, or try to fit a mold or ideal created by society. We are enough, just because we exist. We don't have to earn love, earn approval or anything else. We just ARE precious because we exist. What an awesome concept


cami said...

OOOOOH, i LOVE that idea! I have never though of it that way.

Thanks for the welcome back!!! I have not had 2 extra seconds for ANYTHING...even tonight i had to fight tooth and nail for some blog time!

Jackson Family said...

I loved that concept you wrote Ann and that is VERY true. We should all love one another just because all of us exist. Glad you shared that!

Ang said...

What an eye opener. How true! Thanks for sharing that WONDERFUL thought! It is always great to look at things from a different perspective. Thanks