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Oct 9, 2008

Quiet Heroes

Do you ever look around at the people in your life, and notice some of the quiet heroism that goes on? As I was driving today, I thought about the daily example that I am seeing in my own home.

As most people know, I live with my niece, who is pregnant. She has the kind of condition, where she struggles with frequent, increasing over the months to constant pain and contractions from 22 weeks along all the way to delivery. Her body has pretty much been in labor day and night for the last 3 or 4 weeks. She's rarely gets sleep, and constantly is in so much pain. It seems to keep getting worse. The heroism? She's a mother. I watch her manage to be so patient and kind with her little 2 and 3 year old, trying her hardest not to take make them struggle as she goes through this. No matter how hard this is for her, and it is HARD, uppermost in her mind at all times is her kids, taking care of them and protecting them. She's not first, they are.

As the pain draws out, wears her out, makes her nights eternal and her days even more so, she finds a reserve somewhere deep inside to show love, patience and forbearance to the little ones. While she's the example I'm seeing in my life, I know that around us everyday, there are people living quiet heroism in a multitude of different ways. I hope to keep my eyes open, notice the heroes, appreciate them, be thankful for them, as well as to learn and grow from them.

Oh, and as a p.s. she's finally at long last at the hospital in labor as I write this. I am so relieved her pain will soon be over, as well as excited for the new bundle of joy that will soon be part of my everyday life!


cami said...

Oh, that is WONDERFUL news!!!! Good Luck Jaimee...you are in our prayers.

Ann, I love how you depict Mothers, in particular, Jaimee as heroes.

Sometimes I just feel like an old worn down piece of a person, but it is all worth it for these little children we bring in to this world, shape, mold and then send off to be heroes to someone else in their lives.

Ann said...

Cami, it's your attitude in and of itself that shows why mothers are such unsung heroes. Who else does so much with so little sleep, appreciation, thanks, riches and continual self sacrifice.

Ang said...

I am sorry I have been away for 2 days. As I was going down your blog, I started to realize how much I missed. Sorry! Not a good excuse, but I have been realy busy. Thanks for all you wonderful information you share with us.