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Nov 2, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Thought I'd share some adorable pictures of the little ones. I thought they looked adorable. Dalia was a princess and Mackie a fireman. Their cousin Tommy joined them in one picture.

I loved the poses I got with Mackie who never holds still. The first picture is adorable, the 2nd one shows how much he wanted to try out parts of his sister's costume. I loved this one two.

I like these pictures of Dalia, as she was so excited, she was flapping her hands! Then the 2nd picture that was a close-up shows how beautiful she is.

I wish I had better pictures of Tommy. This was the best of the ones I got, and it was all three of them.


cami said...

OH, they are SO stinkin cute!!!! Tyler's little guy is adoreable!

Ang said...

I LOVE when you post pictures!! I know I have said it before, but It is so neat to be a small part of your life though pictures. How precious those amazing kids are!! Too cute also!!

Ann said...

They are cute. I put more on the "other" private blog I have, just cause I couldn't resist it! :)

L J said...

Hi Ann,

I'm trying to contact you but your e-mails are coming back to me as "deamons".

Are you going to the RUCC meeting next Wednesday?