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Oct 11, 2008

Comparison of Photos

I thought it would be fun to compare the photo taken of me when 3 year old Dalia was a newborn in June 2005. Then compare it to the one of me and her youngest brother, who was born Friday. First let me apologize for the quality of the photo from 2005. It was taken with an old PDA, that no longer has service, so I can't send the photo anywhere. I had to resort to taking a picture of of the picture, glassy display screen and all!


Ang said...

Ann, You are Absolutly GEORGOUS!!!!!!!! I can hardly believe that was you.You realy have come so far. I am so impressed. You are such an example to ALL!! Georgous, Georgous!!!!!

Ann said...

Ahhhhh, you make me blush Ang! Thanks for your praise! I keep forgetting what all I've done, until I look at something like this. Three years ago I used the term "starting over" for what I planned to do with my life, now I call it "renovating my life". However you look at it, I never imagined I'd change so much not just in appearance, but in the attitude, thoughts and how I live my life. This process has all suceeded beyond my wildest dreams.

cami said...

Wow Ann, that is awesome. I can't believe the difference...you are awesome. I need a little of that motivation to come that way.