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Apr 24, 2008

Old Man Winter

Dear Mr. Winter,

Didn't anyone ever teach you about the calendar and your season? Please, it's supposed to be spring. You should be gone now, taking a long spring/summer/fall rest. It's almost May! Why am I driving to work and driving home in the midst of blinding snow storms? Why are the temperatures below freezing and ice forming on my windshield wipers? A car pulling off the freeway to wait safely while you expel your driving fury, shouldn't be happening at this time of year. Having a driver feel their car start a slide is simply "inappropriate behavior" and not to be tolerated. You are sorely in need a letter from Miss Moanners informing you that it's never nice to overstay your welcome, nor to spoil the joy your seasonal sibling Spring should be spreading by the end of April. Kindly now, retire to your rest, and let us humans revel in whatever short time Spring has to display her wonders.

Emily Post Wannabe (Representing Season Abusers Sufferers Anonymous)

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Anonymous said...

I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's WAY too cold! cami