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Apr 22, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog...

Quite some time ago, I experimented with blogging. I had the idea that it was my "secret diary" that I could do on the Internet. The idea being, if no one knew I had it from my circle of friends and family, then it is a "secret", accessible of course by anyone who stumbled across it. That was a failed idea. Nothing ever came of that effort.

In the last month or two, I've had friends and family start up a family blog. I found it so nice to have a place I could check in and find out the latest in the lives of people I care about, that I've actually created a daily routine to check in on the latest blogs. After reading one created by my niece, this afternoon, in conjunction with my daily checking in on blogs, I realized the power in being able to stay connected in one way or another of those we care about. Thus, I too will give blogging a try. I get way too busy, with the schedule of working 7 days a week, and active extra-curricular life with various committees and volunteer activities I'm involved with, on top of my social life....I fall out of touch too easily with the people in my life. If they could get half the enjoyment through reading my blog, as I get from reading theirs, it's worth the effort.

So welcome friends and family! I've embarked on this journey to renovate my life two and a half years ago. I'm still a definite work in progress and on the journey. Hopefully, despite not having kids of my own to report on, I can create something worthwhile and enjoyable for all of you. Recently, one of my friends told me that I should write a book about this journey. If am to evere do so, I'm beginning to think the blog is the way to begin the process. Pardon my prossibly rudimentary and unpolished beginning, while I see what I can make of this!

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Ang said...

Ann, So nice to hear how you are doing. I am glad you started a blog.