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Apr 27, 2008

Top 10 Changes

I've been thinking recently about some of the changes in my life over the last 2 and 1/2 years. I decided to make a list documenting some of these things. I've got several categories of things I could document, where I've experienced changes. Tonight I'll tackle the weight loss category. If it works for me, I may document other categories in future blogs. Here's tonight's offering!

Top 10 Changes from losing 200 lbs.
  1. Being COLD a lot! Fat really is a good insulator.
  2. Enjoying getting out and doing things, rather than wanting to isolate and
  3. Reverting back to the more bubbly outgoing person I when younger.
  4. Paying for only one seat on the airplane, and not needing the seat belt
  5. Being able to fit in ANY chair, any time. No more looking for ones without arms I so I can fit!
  6. No more collapsing into a recliner after work, too tired to move, and staying their until either bedtme or the next morning.
  7. Becoming a shopper just to keep myself clothed in my smaller sizes of clothing.
  8. Being able to cross my legs!
  9. Frequently being told by everyone that I'm looking good. It's a regular ego booster!
  10. No longer being tethered to oxygen tanks 24/7.


Ang said...

So Funny!!!! You really do look great!!!!

cami said...

That was great to read...I need to make a few of those changes :)

BTW, I LOVE your photo to the side of your blog. you look like the most beautiful confident woman!

jacksonfamily said...

You DO look great Ann and I am so proud of your accomplishments. You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I am glad you sent me your blog. Josh was right, I would've loved to see it. So thanks so much!!