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Apr 17, 2009

Wilderness in the City

I search now for ways to be physically active, as it's really a key to my eventual success in this weight battle. My Jenny Craig director advised me to find things to do outside with the weather being so nice, rather than keep searching for a good gym alternative. She suggested this, since I stated how much I hate working out, in the same breath as I'm telling her about a gym search. For now, I've decided to follow her advice and see where it leads me. Thanks to my friend Diane, she helped me out by introducing me to the Jordan River Bike Path that runs along the the Jordan River. I kind of knew it was there, as she's been there many times and told me about it. However, between my two vacations, we fit a small walk in it. After my return, we did a two hour walk in on the last beautiful day before stormy weather came back to roost a while. I was amazed to find all this "wilderness" type landscape in SLC suburban area. I've driven past so many of the areas where we walked, never seeing the hidden paths and realizing what was really there. I thought I'd share the pictures I or Diane took on our two walks through SLC's wilderness! :)

You're kidding me, this is suburban SLC???

More wilderness in my city!

Thanks to Diane for introducing me to this part of the "city"!

Shall I plug my nose and dive in?

Nah! I'll just close my mouth and dive in! My day isn't complete if I don't ham it up for the camera!

Wow! I had no idea this fascinating pathway and river wander right under the freeway I drive!
Looking out at the river while mid-way across! I enjoyed the view!


cami said...

Awesome Ann. That is what I love about pocatello, there are so many hidden little gems all over. Durring the winter, you should consider snow shoeing. You still get the enjoy the outdoors in a very active way even in the winter.

Anonymous said...

I just love walking and biking that path as there are no cars to worry about. I am glad to finally introduce you to it.

Diane L.

Ann said...

My next trip to Pocatello, Cami, I want to go explore one of Pocatello's hidden gems, ok? Snow shoeing sounds like a good idea, now I need someone to teach me how!

Diane, I really like this bike path. I went yesterday and was watching some people roller blading. I now want to learn to do that! LIttle scared of that one though, but it looks like fun.