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Apr 1, 2009

Where's Goofy?

So does my title lead you to think that I'm going to talk about the Disney character that can be found here with his buddies at Disneyland? I DID see Goofy, and all his friends, but I FOOLED you, (It's still April Fool's Day for at least another 20 minutes!) If you guessed the goofy below, you're WRONG! :)

The real subject of the blog is living in the moment! When you in the moment, you can find joy and goofiness anywhere! Below are three other possible winners you can vote on for the "Where's Goofy"? contest. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you some other possible
candidate for Goofy?


Above you I present candidate #1! Don't ask this innocent little photographer what in the world she did to deserve such brazenly goofy treatment!


Here we have Candidate #2! Believe it or not, this gentlemen can be found all over Cochlear Americas materials and videos. Yes, yes, he is a likable fellow, but I daresay none of this materials shows the Goofy #2 that this naive' little photographer had an encounter with. Believe me, she's not paparazzi!


What? You know her? Really? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I now present for your voting pleasure Candidate #3, Ms. Little Skinny Herself! :) For a little "illegal swaying of the voting bloc", let me present one little tidbit. You'd have never found Goofy #1 or Goofy #2, if Goofy #3 wasn't egging them on! (Vote me, vote me!)

Now that I've presented your three voting options! The polls are now open! (Management regrets to apologize for the elimination of the Disney Goofy. He just wasn't goofy enough for this competition and is out of the race!)

In addition to the voting options below, I have a challenge. Can you figure out what all three "Goofys" have in common! The only clue I will give you is that they did all spend the last weekend attending Cochlear Celebration. Please enter your guesses along with your votes!

(Here's crossing my fingers for a certain someone to win the "Where's Goofy"? contest.)


Ang said...

Ann, of course you win. You are awesome!! How fun. I did not even know you went to disneyland. I have been away far too long.

I love your post....most cleaver.

Thanks for your post on my blog. I did post an entry just now :)I actually have been thinking I needed to get that done, and your thoughtful comment helped. Thanks!! Sorry about the lack of participation, I have just been SO busy!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I vote for Goofy number 3! They all have bilateral cochlear implants as the thing they have in common. And, one gives bear hugs, one kisses on the lips and one is very flirty. I hope everyone can guess which does what!

Diane L.

cami said...

I must vote for Goofy #3...she is definitely the best option...and the most goofy.

I would have to say that you all must have a cochlear implant. Maybe it's just me....that seems like the most likely answer!

Ann said...

I won! I won! 3 to 0. Too bad no one else voted! Diane won, the similarity between all three Goofys was that we were all bilateral cochlear implant wearers! :) Between me and you, she cheated! She was there and had inside knowledge! However, since she's the only one who tried to guess what we all had in common, I'm thrilled to award her the winning prize!