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Jan 13, 2009

Winter Walk

There's a walking path I've seen many times, by the side of the road that connects Heber and Midway. I've often thought that one day, I ought to walk that path that starts in Heber Park (where I often eat my lunch), and goes through a covered bridge on the outskirts of Midway. Today turned out to be the day .

I had finished working with my morning students in Heber and Midway. Not only was it lunch time, I had quite a bit of time before my next student in Park City, so I would be eating my lunch, then working in my truck, (or searching for an alternate work location). Despite the cold outside, the sun was beating into the window and I felt like I was overheating. Most of the time when I need to wait in the car between students, I have seats I can recline back a little. This way I can also get comfortable during lunch, or as I work in my little vehicular office. With the truck, no such reclining was possible. I guess the lack of reclining seats and the heat of the sun finally forced me out of the truck after I'd eaten! Why it took misery to get me out to do something I wanted to do anyway, I have no idea!

Despite my brisk pace, I couldn't seemed to get "winded" on my long walk! It's so funny, when I think about it. With this new body I have, I can walk a couple of miles or so a whole lot easier than I could walk 10 feet (with oxygen cranked up high no less) just 3 years ago. In thinking about that, I realize anew something I sometimes forget; I am on an amazing journey! Progress has happened in small steps over the last three years. Adding all those steps together has led me to a life, health and a body I never thought possible, not in my wildest dreams. Invisible to the naked eye has been just as huge a transformation in my mind. I've discovered the truth of the quote, "If you want to change your life, change your thinking". I've learned to relish, enjoy and appreciate all the small little moments in my life.

As I took my walk in the gorgeous sunshine, soaking up all the vitamin D, I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty around me. I had to pull out my little iPhone and take some pictures to share. My first picture is the stream running through the snow covered banks. In all the drives on the nearby road, I had never known this little stream was here. What a precious discovery.

In the distance, I can see the covered bridge getting closer as I walk.

I'd always wondered what I'd see if I ever did truly walk to this covered bridge. Here was the view as I stood on the bridge over the tumbling waters of a river. The designs of the railing in the bridge is seen in the forefront of the picture.

I loved my walk. I'm not used to taking walks this long, that aren't on my treadmill. The interesting thing about the treadmill, is that when you're tired of it, you can just hop off! Not so, when you're ready to be finished with your walk. You've got to keep going until you get to your car! It felt like miles to go before I made it back to the truck, after I felt like it was time for the walk to end! In the picture below, you can see the truck that forced me to take the walk I loved, waiting for me! I had to take a picture!

After my walk I can truly say, I'm grateful for gorgeous days, the beauty of nature, and the health to get out and enjoy it!


Ang said...

Your amazingly beautiful pictures helped to illustrate this wonderful walk. I am so glad you had your iphone. I love the pictures! It is hard to pick my favorite. What a wonderful winter walk. The ability to do so, is often taken for granted. Thanks for sharing!

Idahobride said...

WOW, that was pretty! I lOVE the bridge. I am glad you had the time for a walk yesterday :)

Idahobride said...

BTW, Idaho Bride is me...cami

Ann said...

I did love how good the pictures turned out! I'm glad you guys enjoyed them!

Yes Cami, I definitely knew that if "IdahoBride" was posting, it had to be none other than it's proprieter, YOU posting! :) By the way, has your latest issue that you were working on come out?

Anonymous said...

Ann, since when do you use a truck. The pictures are beautiful! - p

Ann said...

Since the motor pool coordinator didn't have any other vehicles for me to drive, due to two of them breaking down the day before.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures brought back memories of when I worked in Midway with a student and would drive past that same scene!

NariceatL4 said...

That was a gorgeous walk! I loved the photos, loved the wisdom of change your mind to change your life--and am amazed that not too long ago you were on... oxygen?!

Great photos!

Ann said...

I'm glad you remembered that pathway Diane. The covered bridge always intrigued me.

Nariceatl4, nice to have you commenting on my blog! Yes, I used to be on oxygen 24/7. I'd walk 10 feet, and then have to sit and catch my breath. People would see a little blue on the outer corners of my lip. I'm glad you enjoyed the entry!