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Jan 10, 2009

Musings While Driving

On the way to work the other morning, someone cut in front of me with their car, as they didn't want to miss the "Y" turn in the road, that would lead them to another road. At first I started to be aggravated that they cut in front of me so suddenly. No one likes that, especially on potentially bad roads after a storm, when we want more reaction time, and actions like this make it more difficult. However, before I had finished that thought, I knew that I had to find a positive way to look at their cutting in front of me the way they did.

In my head I said, "I guess you have got to do what you have got to do, to go where you want to/need to go." I can't blame a person for that. They are trying to stay the course and get where they need to go. Weirdly enough, as soon as I thought that, I started analyzing that concept. Somehow it seemed so profound to me. Go figure. My musings started from this. How many times in our life, do we not go where we need to go, because we aren't willing to change course when we find ourselves going in the wrong direction? For that person in front of me to get back to where that "Y" road was taking us, had they missed it; they would have had to detour and spend far more time backtracking. Since they were able to do so safely, they did better still to keep themselves on track, despite cutting in front of me. So often, we are so busy trying to find excuses for not taking the road that would have led us to where we want to go, rather, than just going there and letting nothing stop us.

Just a few minutes later, I arrived at work, changed vehicles to get into the state car so I could head up the mountain to begin my day's work with my students in all their different schools. I drove past my parked car, in the state vehicle. All of a sudden, I thought, "Oh No! I forgot my sunglasses". I was immediately knew how much more difficult the day would be without them. I wasn't even out of the parking garage yet, and I figured I was "too late" to go back and get them! What!? Can you believe that? I almost went about my day, struggling without my sunglasses, because I forgot them, even though I remembered very early before I even got out of the parking garage.

So many times I do this. I embark on a course, and when I realize there's something I should "go back" for, or something I should re-do, or that maybe I should consider another course of action, I think, "It's too late". I'm already on this course. I don't "Do what I have got to do to get where I want to/need to go." True, not getting the sunglasses would still get me where I needed to go, but the journey would be a lot more miserable. Isn't that absolutely crazy, when you think about it logically? On this day, I changed courses and immediately backed up my state vehicle until I was in front of my car, fished out my car keys and unlocked the car, ran over, got my sun glasses, got back in, returned my keys to their proper place, put the seat belt on and took off for my day. How much time did I lose to go back and do this? Not more than a moment, if that. It really blows my mind that so often, I would never double back, never stop early and change courses of actions. All day long, so many different times, I found myself really being grateful I had my sunglasses with me. It really did make my day easier.

As a teacher, sometimes I prepare a lesson that just "doesn't work". I never stop mid-lesson and admit, "Hmmmm, this isn't working". Maybe we need to try to do this differently. I had a teacher tell me I should never be afraid to do this, but I've always been afraid to do that. Was I afraid of looking like I don't know what I'm doing, or looking like a fool to someone else? I wonder? What ever my reasons, it became clear that I'm so guilty of NOT, "Doing what I have got to do to get where I want to/need to go". No wonder my life went so badly off course so many times. The worst thing about it, I'd "end up in the ditch" so many times and wonder how I even got there?

My challenge, amidst all my positive thinking, gratitude efforts and all the other steps I take to change my life, is to make sure I'm being clear-headed enough to see "what I have got to do to get where I want to go", then heading there. No excuses! I need to recognize what I'm doing and get in there and take action Pronto! Another way to put this, know my destination, head there and be prepared to alter course anytime I become aware I'm not making it to my goal.

I hope my post made some sense. P.S. Anyone that is re-reading my post after reading the "first edition" from a couple of days ago, I went back and re-edited. I kept all the thoughts, but stuck to the better grammar I know as a teacher, than the slang and gotta/wanna/shouldas that I thought was so appropriate at the time! :)


Jaky Astik said...

well, post does make sense. but, your sidebar makes greater sense then all your posts.
Good job. Congrats

cami said...

You and I are a lot alike that way. I think that I have my eye directon on a dirrection...and I can't detour, sometimes causing myself another trip into town or what not.

Thanks for sharing!

Ang said...

Yes, I agree with Jaky, it does make sense. How often we think we are too far to double back. Important message. Thanks