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Jan 1, 2009

The Past

I was watching a very interesting Oprah re-run this afternoon. Her guest was Dr. Robert Holden and the subject was happiness. There were so many quotes I told myself I would save the episode, go back and re-watch it, then write down some of the quotes I wanted to keep! Well true to a person of my age with a memory not as good as it used to, I promptly deleted the episode after watching it!

There are so many quotes that I appreciated. However, here is one that is resonating with me today. He said, "We have to learn to let go of our past, we have to give up all hopes for a perfect past. Let the past go, it's gone." After that, he says, "Take a vow of kindness. Be kinder to yourself and to others."It's never too late to be happy."

I've had some recent experiences and seen first hand how the past can somehow grip a hold of people and stop them from the joy that is possible in life. My hope for all of you is that you are able to live a truly happy day, and from that a truly happy week, month and year. We can't fix the past, so we need to make sure we don't live in it. Only NOW matters. Live with kindness to yourself above all. It is only through treating ourself with kindness, that we learn how to treat others so. If we would never think or so a mean thing to ourselves in our thoughts, then we wouldn't do it to others either. Happy New Year. One of my goals this year is to never hurt myself or others through the thoughts in my mind as well as the ones I give voice to.


cami said...

Thanks Ann, I think I will have the same resolution!!!

I definately need to be kinder to myself.

Ang said...

SO FUNNY!!! You deleted the episode right after watching it. Sounds like something I would do.

I am with you both. I personally like "not hurting someone with the thoughts in my mind." Even if we never give a voice to our hurtful thought directed at someone else, it is still damaging to us and may in the future come out. You can never take back an ugly thing said.

I am with you. I also have a resolution to not be easily offended. This can be a hard one, but I have been working on it for a few years now. I have saved myself alot of pain by not letting myself be offended. It is pretty cool to find some inner power we have of not letting others get to us.