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Nov 26, 2008


Today was the day I had planned to get a little dolled up and get a picture taken to send to Jenny Craig, for use in submitting to People. As we know, that won't happen, but I went ahead and took the pictures. What do you guys think?


cami said...

WOW ANN!!! You look amazing! I must have missed your post about being too late for people. Bummer, but something will come of all of this :)

Jackson Family said...

Oh Ann!! You look so pretty!! I am so proud of your accomplishments! You are truly an inspiration for a lot of people out there! Keep it up!

Ang said...

Georgous, Georgous, Georgous!!!!! Ann you look amazing! Good job. Send these pictures to that lady at Jenny Craig. You would turn quite a few heads. You look SO happy! You radiate with happiness.

kath said...

WOW all i can say is that you look so beatitful!!! You look really good i am proud of you wanting to do something big and and huge sacrifice you did, i hardly recoginze you in that picture. You are amazing

Sallie said...

I notice you seem to be wearing your hair back - do you like it or is that just something you do from time to time. Idon't remember seeing it like that recently.
Needles to say your pictures are GREAT ! ! !
I am so happy that you are enjoying the life that you have and the progress and change tha is now yours!

Ann said...

Thank you everyone for all the positive comments. I didn't know what I thought of the pictures.

Like all of us, it's so easy to look at pictures of ourselves and find faults. I appreciate all the wonderful comments everyone of you have made.

Sallie, it was a style (and makeup), that a "beauty school student" came up with that morning, to doll me up for pictures. It's a style I can easily copy and do on my own, but am not sure how much I like it. So we will see!

Anonymous said...

Ann, You look beautiful, but you have always been beautiful! I like your hair style, it is very flattering! You radiate the inner joy as well! Keep up the good Work. - paula

Chance's Mom said...

Ann, you look great! If they put you in PEOPLE, I am picking up a copy for sure!
I love your blog! Keep up the good work!


Ann said...

By the way, thanks everyone that posted a comment! :) I love comments in my blog!