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Sep 19, 2008

What's New?

Ok, nothing is really new! I seem to be afflicted by some kind of writer's block! I can't seem to think of things to write about. I started a post titled, "Writer's Block", and it was the most incredibly boring post I think I ever tried to write! Why I feel like I need to put a new entry on my blog, when I never kept a blog before starting this one last spring, I'll never know! To avoid boring anyone (myself included), I'll do a list of the things that are new in how I live my life, since my "renovation" began.
  • I choose to walk a few blocks for lunch, instead of driving, on Fridays when I have office day.
  • If I want to go out to eat, go to a movie or do something, I DO it. I don't even care what anyone else thinks if I'm doing social things alone! I don't sit home and watch TV because there was no one to do things with.
  • I wear clothes that fit, rather than that are very baggy! I don't feel a need to hide the figure, but rather enjoy showing off things, like that I actually HAVE a waist! :)
  • I will read a book, even if I haven't watched ANY of the shows I recorded that day. (Another way of saying I'm breaking the addiction!) Iactually delete shows I've not watched!
  • I an extrovert inside and out. I used to say I was an extrovert masquerading as an introvert. I restrained myself so much from just being who and what I wanted to be. The funny thing is I never really understood just how much I did that. I've surprised myself by my behavior sometimes and the fact that I'm willing to just be myself, unapologetically and fully.
  • I'm open to new people that I meet, rather than closed off with a wall up.
  • I recognize when I am bringing myself down by allowing a negative thought or two to take root. I set about immediately to fixing my thought process and changing it around. I realize it's true, "If you want to change your life, you MUST change your thinking".
  • I am HAPPY. NOW! In this moment. Not "when" I get thin, or "when" I meet my life's partner, or "when" I'm not in debt. I'm not wasting time waiting for life to be good or worth living.


Ang said...

Breaking the t.v. watching cycle can be a hard thing to do. I do not watch only because we do not have satelitte. I am sure I would spend allot more time in front of the t.v. if we had it. So many things you are doind and working on doing, are ALL HARD things to do. Good for you!!

Ann said...

Thanks Ang! I feel good about the direction my life is headed in!

cami said...

Ann...I don't know if this ever sounds redundant but...you are awesome. It is hard to break habbit!!! I am trying to break several and they die hard.