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Sep 14, 2008

Want a good laugh?

If you want a good laugh, click on the title above or here: http://krullfamily5.blogspot.com/2008/09/middle-wife.html

I'm telling you, this had me in stitches laughing so hard!!! I had to share this!


cami said...

Hey Ann, I have been SOoOOooooOO busy with back to school and Josh was out of town ALL week last week, so I had very little blog time. I was checking your main blog...and I thought I was keeping up with it....evidently you have a few new ones I saw today. I am going to get back on track :) I have noticed the comments have gone way down on my blog too. I usually get 8-10 and now it is 1-2. It must be the crazy time of year!

Ann said...

I do miss it when you and Ang are busy, and can't get around to commenting, since you're the only people who will make comments. Don't know why it feels lonely to type out an entry and see 0 comments day after day. I'm grateful you guys do pop in and share your comments to what I write. It means a lot to me! Thanks for doing so when you can!

cami said...

popping in again!!!! I agree about feeling lonely. My last 5 posts have only one comment :(

Ang said...

SORRY!! SORRY!! I have been out of the game for quite a while. I will try to check in more often. I kinda have a long story behind my lack of computer time.

This was a very very funny story. I wonder sometimes what my kids say about me when I am not around.

Ann said...

Cami, I'm glad to know I'm not the ONLY one that feels that way! I guess we do write our blogs for ourselves AND for the connections with other people. If feels like something is kind of missing when the connections seem "absent". Hope your blog soon returns to the 8 to 10 comments per entry!

Ann said...

That comment you made Ang, about what your kids say when you're not around, reminds me of aa sign I saw posted outside the door of one of the teachers in one of my schools. It says, "If you'll agree to believe only half of what your kid says about school, I'll agree to believe only half of what they say about home!"

Ang said...

SO FUNNY!! And probably SO true. I love it.

One time a girl in my sunday school class said that her mom tricked her dad. She packed her bags and was going to go. That was a bit awkward. I knew the family as well. I guess you have to try not to remember things the kids say about personal matters.

I realy wonder sometimes what my kids may say.