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Sep 3, 2008

Public Speakers 'R Us

Just had another fun day with public speaking today. I spoke for a "too short" hour to 100 2nd graders in Kamas! What fun. This despite being asked why I have a bad voice! I even asked how many people thought I had a bad voice, and almost every hand went up! What!!!???? Then I asked how many people understood everything I said? Every hand went up. Hahaha! I told them I figured I had a "great" voice for a deaf person, and if all of them understood everything I say, then I'm doing a superb job! The fact I still loving public speaking after such a tough audience shows I'm a dyed in the wool public speaker!

Looking for a public speaker at your next event? Look no further ladies and gentlemen! I'll wow even the toughest critic! Of course, like all my audiences, by the time I finished with them, they were all my best friends and eating out of my hands! Come one come all! I dare you to see if you can help me fill up my calendar with public speaking events!!! :) Yep, you're right, I did say I believe in dreams. Here's one waiting to be filled!


Ang said...

An hour?? Wow thats is crazy. What did you speak on? And to second graders, that would be hard. I totaly believe you had them in the palm of your hand. You are SO likeable(sp?)and very fun to be around. I would like to hear you speak.

What a cool dream. Anything is possible! I know you can do it!! Maybe even with Jenny Creig. By the way, if you ever need Video of yourself, I have you on my Wedding Video 12 years ago. I just watched it 2 days ago. Can you believe it was 12 years ago that I got married? Now that is CRAZY!

cami said...

Sure...I will book you...my audience is only seven people, five of them being under the age of 10!!!!

Ann said...

Ang, I'd love to see the video from the wedding video! Wow! I've never seen it, of that I am sure. It would be a hoot to see the me and you of 12 years ago!:)

Oh, and my topic: hearing! I had a huge model of the ear and the parts of the ear, powerpoint presentation and even a little cartoon video!

Ann said...

Hey Cami! You're back! Good to see you posting comments here! :) Goody, I got 7 people in Idaho that are ready and willing to book me! Hmmmm, now for the topic dud jour?

Ang said...

The video is on VHS, I hope to get it to DVD sometime. When I do, I will have to get that to you. It is interesting seeing us 12 years ago. Hey Cam, I have you on there also. He He He!

Hey, When you come visit, we have 6anxious listeners.

Ann said...

Ahhhh....more enticement to go visit, as if I needed more! :) I've already have you at the top of my list!

Ang said...

SWEET!!!! :) :)

We will be waiting!!