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Aug 13, 2008

Visual Gratitude Log

Today I got a bright idea and did something different. I actually took picures of the things I was grateful for. Hope you enjoy!

1. I'm grateful for lakes. I enjoy them whether they're resevoirs or lakes. I had lunch today as I looked at Echo Reservoir (top). Then on the way to Kamas from Coalville, I drove past Mirror Lake (bottom). They are fun to see, to relax by and to recreate in.

2. I'm grateful for Fruit n' Yorgurt parfaits at McDonalds. I can always look forward to this afternoon snack at the McDonalds by the Park City exit on the freeway, just before I head for home.
3. I'm grateful for captioned TV in public places! I love it everytime I find a TV with captions in a public place, so I can enjoy it too. I got to enjoy my McDonald's snack while I watched CNN captioned!
4. I'm grateful for public trash cans! Yes! When you travel all day in your car, garbage easily piles up. It's nice to be able to dump all my water bottles, pop cans, lunch packagaing, snack packaging piling on the seat next to me, when I see one of those right by me.

5. I'm grateful for the feeling of the sun on my face. I couldn't quite take a picture of the sun shining on me. Taking a picture of what I could see in the sky above me seemed like the next best thing!

Whew! Getting this all set up in the blog was hard, but it was a fun day! I wasn't happy with my gratitude log yesterday. I felt like I was just looking back at the day, trying to find something to be grateful for, rather than living gratefully. Today, I made sure I was looking hard for things to be grateful for and documenting it. The result? I felt my day was so much fuller of joy and bliss. Looking hard for things to be grateful for and making sure I acknowledged them right then and there had an impact on me. Today was so good, that I decided to duplicate my gratitude log here on my regular blog, not write about anything else today.


cami said...

That is fun! I will have to do that some day...when my life isn't so harried!

Ang said...

Awesome!! I love it. I also should try this. I really like to see the pictures to visualise. It is great to see what you see. I also LOVE the parfait. I have company, and I will probably not be on the computer nearly as much. I should be back in about 1 week. Hopefully I can find time to get on a little. Anyway take care.

Ann said...

I'd love to see both of you do a visual gratitude blog too! :) Now if we wait for your lives to not be harried, I'll check back in 20 years!

Ang said...

So true! I will try though after my company leaves.