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Aug 6, 2008

Sharing Pictures

I felt like I had a lot to be grateful for today. Amongst them, the two little ones falling asleep (finally) in the chair next to me, and being able to snap their pictures. Aren't they precious?

Then this sweet little girl begging me to not close my door for the night while she was gone with her daddy. She wanted to come home and spend time to me when she got home. (Doesn't that just melt your heart?). Below is a picture of her when she first got home and came running to be with me. The 2nd picture is her clowning around for the camera.

Such a sweet face, don't you think?

These little ones make my day special so many times. Not least of all, today! I had a ball. I'm grateful for them!


Ang said...

What a blessing little children are! Thanks for sharing your pictures! It is always to see how much they have grown.

Ann said...

It is amazing how fast they grow. I think that everytime I see pictures of your kids on your blog!

cami said...

Ohhhh, they are SO beautiful. You are so lucky to be able to see them every day and to be a part of their lives!!!!