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Aug 9, 2008

Future Jenny Craig Coommercial?

Camera focuses briefly on words, or narrator says: Based on true story. (Because this really happened this week!)

Scene: Car with a mom driving a car, 3 year old in their car seat in the back, with Ann sitting next to mom in the front.

3 year old: Mom, I'm hungry.

Mom: We're going home right now and I will make you some lunch. What do you want for lunch?

3 year old: I like Ann's food!

Camera focuses on Ann's before and after picture, then fades! :)

Simple commercial but get's the message how delicious the food is, and how easy the program is if a 3 year old prefers their food over anything else! :) What do you think?


Ang said...

LOVE IT!! What a simple way to show how good the food really is. You know you should pitch this to the Jenny Creig people. What an awesome idea!!

Ann said...

I'll try to remember to pitch this one when time finally comes to meet the bigwigs in the company! :)

cami said...

That is great!!! I can't wait to see that one on television...then I will say...I know her, I really do, she is my awesome aunt!

Does that make me semi-famous by default?

Ann said...

Yes! You will be very famous Cami, because my blog will get a lot of hits when I'm famous (hehehe), and as you and Ang are the dialogue commentators we can all count on and enjoy here,you'll both be known and famous by default! Everyone in your lives will tell all their friends they know you guys! Hehehe!! :)