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Mar 27, 2011

Sweet Joys

Tonight, after midnight, I got a text from upstairs.  Finnley kept saying to his mom, "My Ann, go see my Ann....."  She finally texted me to see if he could come see me.  Of course he could!  When his mom told him he could see me, he got so excited.  I went upstairs to get him, and he immediately hugged me and started snuggling.  Before I even sat down im my chair downstairs, yet still snuggling against me, he was out!  It's such sweet joy for me to have this little one in my life.  Everyone used to say, he has me wrapped around his little finger.  Once he got old enough to run, walk, and talk; it became clear that I have him wrapped around my little finger as well.  I obviously love it our little mutual admiration society! :)  The picture above is less than flattering of me, but I share it, after all, isn't that such a sweet little innocent face? :)