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Mar 4, 2011

Can You Feel The Joy?

There's not a lot of words that are needed for this video. Just look at each face there and the joy they show. Here they are, the young and the old, living the miracle. At 2:43 into the film, you'll see me and my friends. Right after us, you see the engineer who designed my cochlear implant, followed by Dr. Graeme Clark who's dream of helping his deaf father lead him to creating the cochlear implant! This video brings back memories of the good times, as well as tears of joy and gratitude to my two heroes.


cami said...

That was awesome...honestly, I had to hold back the tears. How amazing that you got to be there :).

Ang said...

This was such a touching video, it evokes such strong emotions of love, and it loks like such a blast to be part of this great experience.I really like the picture of you and your friends Ann. I actually teared up! :-)

Ann said...

It touches me every time I watch it. I never tire of seeing it! :) Ang and Cami, glad you both enjoyed it! :)

Ang said...

We sure love you ANN! What a great blessing to know you and I am so grateful for such amazing technology that hepls us keep in touch! ;-)

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