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Mar 4, 2011

Florida Fun

Time has really flown by.  It is already almost two weeks since I got back from my trip to Florida.  I intended to start blogging again immediately after my return.  Instead, I hit the ground running, and I'm only just now pausing to reflect and post!  I decided the easiest way to talk about my Florida trip is to start by sharing pictures.  Alas, I discovered that on a scale of 1 to 10, I would probably rate at about a 3 in picking good pictures and opportunities to photograph.    Some pictures left me wondering why I took them in the first place.  Others I still enjoyed.!  Below are some of the pictures I enjoyed.

I spent the first three days of my trips visiting three of the parks.  I'm struggling to remember where I found this landscaping.  I believe it was Hollywood Studios, but I could be wrong.  Oh wait, I think it might have been Epcot.  One thing I know for sure?  It was in Florida! :)   I did take this picture as I liked the whimsy of the brooms, although Micky Mouse didn't quite fit into the theme being created by the broomsticks, in my opinion.

This is a tree in the Animal Park (Wild Animal Park?  I'm actually forgetting the exact name...some memory I have.  Like a steel trap, eh?)  I found this tree rather fascinating due to all the carving done along the tree trunk.  I have added another view, from another side of the tree further on down below.

It was quite a sight to see these trees and realize the sheer numbers of birds were in them.  I really need to get out a good bird book and figure out exactly what kind of bird they are.  While on the "African Safari" I heard the announcer talking about how these birds are native to the area.  However, I missed the name of them.  Of course I don't have a closeup, so I can ask  my readers if anyone knows.  Oh well.....a photographic wizard would've thought to get that one!   If you can't see the birds, click on the picture to get an enlarged view.

Here's a picture taken during the safari of my good friends Diane and Debra.  Or should I say Debra and Diane, since Debra is more in the foreground and Diane is in the background.  Sorry Diane, I know you should really be the star of the picture and be in the foreground!  (Yes, I do like to tease Diane on occasion).

When I saw this, I had to keep reminding myself that I was in Florida, not California.  I'd never been in Florida before, and I still have a hard time feeling that I've ever been to Florida.  Throughout the trip, both in climate, palm trees, and Disney World attractions, I was SURE I was in California!  

This plant landscaping from The Lady and The Tramp (if I have the title right) was quite cute.  So I snapped a little picture to share! :)

The funny thing about this picture, is I really wasn't sure who the "non-human" characters were!  The humans of course were my Utah friends that traveled to Florida for Cochlear Celebration with me.  You see me, Diane, Debra and Linda.  It wasn't until I got home and showed the picture to my little two year old that I knew for sure who I had posed with.  I was informed it was Pluto (not Goofy like I'd thought), and I was with Daffy Duck, not Scrooge Duck or some of the other Duck characters.  I think I flunk cartoons!  Of course what else would you expect from someone who grew up before captioning, and couldn't lipread cartoons?

Here we have my traveling companions posing with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  I better go ask my 2 year old, Finn if it's Goofy or Pluto there.  He might know! :)

One thing I always wanted to do in Disneyland and never did, was ride the the riverboat.  I thoroughly enjoyed going for my first riverboat ride in Disney World.  Here's the top portion of the boat taken while on board.  OK, if I was a good sailor, I'd probably tell you this is the port or the bow or some such nautical term.  Sadly, I forget the difference between all the boat parts as soon as I hear them.  So, front portion of the riverboat works for me! :)

This was taken at Hollywood Studios.  Notice, in the background they have the unique Mickey Mouse water tower.  Then in the foreground they have the "landscaped" water tower.  I thought it was interesting!  Hence my choice of photographic subject.  (I'm still going through this internal dialogue in my head that's saying, OK your choice of material ranks you as a three on a scale of 1 to 10, and I catch myself defending taking the picture!)

In Hollywood Studios, I had the chance to engage myself fully in folly and grab a little Fred Astaire magic and dance in the rain.  Can you see my inner Fred spirit? :)

Here is a different attempt at taking a clear picture of the tree that fascinated me, which I showed several pictures above.  I realize a less tired blogger, might take the time to rearrange the order of photos so it's just below the other photo.  Enjoy scrolling way up above to find the other picture to compare it to! :)

Manna from heaven!  The only thing missing from this picture is the word Diet!  Being a diet coke addict, I had to take this picture! :)    

Probably one of the things I enjoyed amidst all the bustle of amusement parks, convention, friends and etc. was the still quiet morning breakfast outside by this lake at my hotel.  THAT was pleasure my friends!

After a pleasant and full week enjoying the 70 degree temperatures in Florida, I finally got on the airplane and flew back to winter.  Now, I just get to enjoy the memories! 


cami said...

What a fun trip. It looks like you were able to take in a lot of attractions. Mickey was in a sorcerer cartoon where he magically made the mops dance and clean....thus The reason Mickey fits in with the rest of the scene...just thought I would fill in the gap for you :). I bet you can't wait for California in two years!!!!!

Ang said...

I absolutley LOVE all your wonderfully fun photos...you totally pull off some Fed Astaire spirit :-)

Your pictures totally remind me of going to Disneyland and the fun memories we made there, it makes me ache to go back...What magic can be found there.

I especially enjoyed reading that your went on the boat and your morning breakfast outside in the peaceful morning air. Aahh...(Deep breath)

Ann said...

Thanks Cami for telling me about the sorcerer's cartoon. I had NO idea! :) and you're right, I can't wait for California in 2 years.

Ang, I'm glad you enjoyed my "Fred Astaire moment". It sounds like you enjoy the peaceful things as do I between the boat ride and the breakfast beauty! :)

Ang said...

I sure do...it is so great to take time to enjoy all the beautiful things (and people) around us...its too easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life.