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Jun 30, 2009

Interesting Insight

I realized something so interesting today, that I wanted to share my latest insight. I'll start off by giving you some background.

When I weighed in at 387, and was on oxygen 24/7, I was pretty incapacitated in many ways. I had to move to another apartment, due to plans of my then landlord, to renovate the place. I wasn't really able to pack or carry a single box in the move. I had a hard time walking 10 feet, even with oxygen. It was tough to lug around that little oxygen tank, or so I thought. I had friends and family pretty much pack up my whole apartment and move it, while I sat and watched.

With the loss of the 227 1/2 lbs so far, obviously many things in my life have really changed. Recently, a family member underwent surgery. Due to it's effects on her, I've stepped in to carry the heavy loads, she can't or shouldn't. In the past, I remember feeling so sorry for people carrying the heavy loads for me. Here I am, a few years later, and I am carrying the heavier loads when needed and helping out.

What's interesting to me though, is that no matter what I was carrying both today, and in the past since I've become more able, NONE of it has been hard to carry. It always seems so easy and I often feel energetic and ready to do more after each task I've completed. I finally realized something today. NOTHING is as hard to lift or carry around as the 227 extra lbs I used to take everywhere I went. It was harder for me to walk across the room, than it is for me now to carry many heavy loads around. I can unload the car of all the big items my family member bought at Costco, with many trips from my car parked on the street into the house, then turn around and bring in her sleeping children from the car one at a time; and still have plenty of energy to do more.

No wonder I could barely move from anywhere I was ever sitting in the past. I wasn't in any kind of shape to carry 227 extra pounds anywhere, yet I spent every moment of my life doing so. How sweet it is to be able to do just about EVERYTHING I need to do, or want to do and to find it all so EASY to do. No wonder I find myself sometimes at late at night, as I head to bed, dancing and prancing around as I get ready for bed! :) I've got so much energy to spare, now that I have a drastically smaller body to move. Sweet!


cami said...

I'll take some of that energy ;)

Your post makes sense...what great insight! It also made me think about it in a parabolic way...whatever challenges we may face in life...none of it is too heavy. Whatever we face...whether it is 227 lbs or 15 pounds, we can carry whatever challenges we are given. Sometimes we are required to carry our own loads, and other times we have to opportunity to serve others and lighten their load!

Ang said...

How neat to be on the other side of the road, and able to help out so much!!

This post has made me ponder something I have thought about lately.

I have struggled from sleepiness, and I have found that, surprisingly, the more I exercise and run, the more energy I have.

Isn't that too weird? the more you exert, the more you have in return. Same with losong weight, the more you exercise and lose, the more your body does for you in return.

The more you give, the more you get.

Anonymous said...

This story was so interesting. And to find out that it is not bothersome to carry boxes or kids or any other load. We all love the feeling of helping others, no matter what it is.


Ang said...

BTW, Love your background!!

Just checking in on you :) hope all is well!!