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Feb 22, 2009

Opportunity Strikes

A quote I read in the last few months goes through my head at times. I don't know remember the exact verbiage (hey, my memory IS that bad!), but the gist of it is that when opportunity comes, grab it. It never comes again.

So many times, I've not taken advantage of opportunities. I've thought and re-thought things too many times, always having lots of excuses for why I can't/won't. Sometimes the opportunities are small, sometimes they're big.

Today was a day for a small opportunity. The mail volume was low at work and much to my surprise, they allowed us to leave work 3 hours before our shift was over. Wow! What an unexpected gift. Here was an opportunity to do something fun on a weekend afternoon. Most of my weekends are exercises in survival and getting through them. While my weekend job is no stress in some ways, it's very stressful in others. What to do, how to take advantage of this opportunity. It once was, that I'd go straight home and decompress from the stress of a 2nd job, if I was able to leave early. Today, I decided to strike while the iron was hot and DO something fun.

I checked out my PDA and saw that there was an captioned movie playing in 30 minutes. (There's only one movie in the whole SLC valley that's captioned at any given time, something that we really need to change! But that's neither here nor there). I would have loved to have friends or family join me. However, if I spent my time trying to text/email my friends and family trying to find someone free, I'd be too late to make it. I decided I was going to just go out by myself, have fun, catch a movie and do whatever I wanted to! Off I went and caught the only movie in town I could enjoy today. "Paul Blart: Mall Cop".

The funny thing is, I didn't even want to see this movie when I saw clips for it. However, nothing was going to stop me from "enjoying rare time off work on a beautiful afternoon". It was a funny movie! I had a great time and got to enjoy lots of laughs!

I got home tonight at my normal time, but feeling refreshed, able to enjoy the time with the little ones, rather than feeling drained and a need to isolate that often hits me as I struggle to survive the weekend. I love opportunity and can't wait for the next time it knocks!


cami said...

I am glad you got to see that movie...we saw it and thought it was HILARIOUS! And I am not above going to a movie by myself...some alone time is always a bonus!

Ang said...

How wonderful! Sounds like a fun time. I agree with you and Cam, I would also go to a movie by myself. I think it would be fun! We do not frequent movies very often, but sounds like this is a good one.

Ann said...

I love that I've grown enough in my "sense of self" that I can enjoy doing things alone and enjoy the moments. Cami, maybe you can find a day when the kids are in school and arrange a babysitter for Leigh and go hit the movie for some fun "me" time!

Ang, take your kids. This will be a rare treat for them. There is no blood and gore, and the good guy wins over the bad guys by using his brains, and not a gun. I'm sure you'd like it as much as Cami did.