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Feb 27, 2009

Number Change!

Normally I don't post my weekly weight loss efforts tally, but will break with that today. Why? Because I finally got rid of the weight I gained at Christmas and then some! After 2 months of saying I'd loss 222 lbs, and several posts ago joking about all the twos that applied to me, I'm finally in some new numbers. As of today, I've lost 224.1! After I lose slightly less than a pound (.9), I will be within 5 lbs of goal. I'm thrilled to be moving forward again. I knew I would eventually, as I struggled with all the events that have thrown me off course. I'm glad to be there. CELEBRATION time for me folks! :)


cami said...


I REALLY need some of your motivation. I am stuck...have been for several years (minus pregnancy)

I am proud of you.

Ang said...

Ann, Congratulations!!! good for you. It always feel good to be going forward. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am soooo impressed with how well you have done. I am so excited for you and to have that feeling of success.