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Nov 18, 2011

I Survived!

It was a windy, dark and cold morning,  6:00 a.m. to be exact.  Bundled up in long johns, a turtle neck, fleece sweater, a coat, a pair of pants, 3 socks and gloves, I arrived for my last Hell week workout.  I was quickly outfitted with a 30 lb vest, and paint streaks (to resemble either mud or war paint?) were put on my face.  I joined a company of 20 some odd people at attention, waiting for the orders and instructions to follow. 

I'm the woman who would never wake up at 5:00 a.m. for anything.  On top of that, I would NEVER wake up early to exercise of all things.  Yet, here I was, a 54 year old, formerly obese 387 lb, oxygen tank dependent woman, doing something I never in my wildest dreams would have pictured myself doing.  Our workout ended just as it was starting to get a little light on the top of a little hill in the park with 65 situps.  After those were finished, I was surprised with a little ceremony for the three of us there, who were finishing up Hell Week.  Music of some sort was played (have no idea what type, as I had my hearing devices off to prevent sweating all over them) as everyone stood at attention.  I suppose it was something military.  The Boot camp instructors were lined up facing the "new recruits",   After the music, the leader walked over and awarded us the above dog tag.  I photographed both sides for your viewing pleasure! :) 

One by one, each of the instructors from each of the different "companies/locations", walked in front of me, congratulated me and shook my hand in this ceremony.  Little ole' me!  Many of the 20 odd strangers came and congratulated me.  Suddenly, I was quite proud and realized that it really was an accomplishment.  I had made a decision to do something entirely out of my comfort zone, and persevered no matter how tough and difficult it was.  I actually did 5 straight days of intense, rigorous workouts, with 30 lbs strapped to my vest, and was outside on a cold winter morning at 6:00 a.m. doing the last one.  I felt such a sense of achievement to get this dog tag. I feel already that this is going to be a treasured possession.

As I look at it, I realize it now symbolizes and embodies a wealth of lessons I learned for the first time, as well as lessons, re-learned.  It reminds me of the strong woman who earned it.  I can always continue to change my life, re-new myself and my spirit.  I'm never to old, too out-of-shape, too anything to embark on new journeys.

I can't wait to see what the next 5 weeks bring me. I have a vision of a strong, confident woman, walking into the future believing in herself, keeping her priorities straight, exploring her dreams and knowing, her potential is limitless and living her best life.