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Feb 13, 2011

My Sweet Valentine

Valentine's Day is not on my list of holidays I pay any attention to.  I've spent my life as a single woman, watching with disdain.  What was it other than just another reminder that there wasn't anyone special in my life to treat me special and for me to treat special? 

Today, I realized something profound.  Valentine's Day is simply a day to care and show your love.  It doesn't matter who it is.  I came upstairs to do my laundry and found Dalia, age 5 and Mac age 4 busily involved in decorating cookies.  With big smiles, I was told "Don't look!"  at the other end of the table from where they were decorating.  I gave them big hugs and kisses and told them I definitely wouldn't look.  They were just jumping from excitement. 

After I left the laundry room, they jumped up and down with the biggest smiles and handed me the above plate.  They'd gotten these plates, taken the time to put everyone in the family's name on their own plate, and then decorated a cookie just for that person.  It wasn't the cookie and the decorated plate that was so special, but what it reminded me of.  Two little sweet ones, faces filled with pleasure and expectations to give me a gift from their heart.  Oh, what a sweet holiday Valentine's Day is!  This Valentine's Day, I'll be flying out to Florida for a wonderful vacation.  However, I'm hopeful that next Valentine's Day, I'll remember the lessons of today and take the time to think of something special I can do for those I love on this one day dedicated for showing our love.


cami said...

Happy Valentines Day Ann!!!!!! I hope you feel my love for you. I am SO happy to see you back on your blog, cant wait to keep updated on your life again :) LOVE YOU TONS. Have a wonderful vacation

Ann said...

Happy Valentines Day to you too Cami! You're comments touched my heart! Love you tons too! :) I love that we're blogging agiain! :)

Ang said...

I am not quite sure how I missed this one, but happy late valentines to you too Ann! I too love you greatly! I am hopefull to get back to blogging more. I am taking 2 classes this term and not loving it...too much time is required and I wnat time with my kids and family. Back to 1 classs this summer...yay!!

Ann said...

I hear you Ang! The semester I took 2 classes, I realized I had no time for the kids. It was all work and school, so I would only do one a semester. After a year and a half of it, my job had changed to where I don't really need the endorsement I was pursuing. I hated how much I had to 'ignore' the kids and family, even with only one class. So I decided to drop out and take no more. The funny thing is next semester would have been the first class in the endorsement program. All this time was just "prerequisites". I'm happy to be done! I want time with the kids, on tope of everything else!