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Mar 24, 2009

Wow! What a surprise!

It's not everyday you get pleasant surprises! I was notified that a book was put together, for whom I had submitted a little humorous anecdote. They sent me the link to order the book. When I clicked on the link, I saw that I could preview the book! Imagine my surprise, to open the preview and find a picture of me with my anecdote right at the front of the book! Click on the title above to see the book! How FUN! I think I am famous now! :-)


Anonymous said...

I looked at the book and was so surprised to see you! Congrats! It was so fun to see your picture and the comment you made.

Diane L.

Ang said...

Wow!! That is cool! That is pretty funny that he said he did not have any words on his lips. It is so funny to hear the thoughts of kids. So neat, and you were not kidding about being right in the front. Too cool!! Georgous picture also!

NariceatL4 said...

Wow--that was exciting! I loved your story (sounds like something my students would say)!

(I also loved the story--2 stories actually--from the lady with the photo of the 4 boys, (Kwillinksi?)about the More-on, and calling someone "Else"--It looks like a great book!)

I think you are famous!