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Dec 21, 2008

Opinions Wanted

Okay! So I was deciding I couldn't afford to go get a makeover. I played online and found some virtual makeover tools. With much creativity (meaning I didn't sign up and pay money for any of these virtual makeovers, so I had to be crafty with how I got a photo), I was able to print (not save) one of my sessions, then scan it. Below is the idea that I'm kind of playing with. I like the color, and may even consider going a little darker brown. The color is a golden brown, but some ash browns seemed to look good. I kind of thought the style was flattering. Who thinks I ought to toy with this style? For current hair style, go down look at my entry around Thanksgiving time with photo. Does anyone like it as much as I do, or do you have better ideas. Keep in mind my hair is thin and fine. So nothing curly or full of body works.

One Day Later:
I just decided to add this part of the post a day later. I receive some comments to the photo above on facebook, and one comment was about having the hair darker. I also wondered about whether the hair should be longer. So I went back and redid the picture with darker hair and longer. I think I like the shorter hair the best, but if I get this hair do, if I go to long between hair cuts (which I'm apt to do), the one below may happen. Should I have darker or lighter hair? Still wondering why no one comments here!!???


Ang said...

Oh my, I love both SOOO much!! You are so georgous! I vote the top one. I love the cut, and it looks very flattering to your face shape. I also like it blond. I would not go too dark.FUN!! Keep me posted!!

Joshua Jackson said...

Like I said on your Facebook, I love the top (shorter, lighter) one the best. You have gone through an amazing transformation with your weight and now a complete transformation with your hair would be fun. The top one just looks really good on you for a change. The longer and darker seem to almost look like your current hair color (I could be very wrong here since it's harder to see the color on that picture). They both look great, but my vote goes to the top one and same goes with my mom too.

cami said...

I love the top one. I LOVE the length and the color. It looks awesome on your face. I have a similar haircut and i get it cut every 6-9 weeks, and color every other appointment. I might drop the color if my budget gets too tight.


Ann said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! I wish I was able to get the real thing to look just like the picture! Maybe later!:) There's always another chance!